Spring Week students at Nordea Markets

Jasmina Fredelind and Lisa Elander tell about their experiences as Spring Week students, which has been been both stimulating and inspiring.

Our Spring Week visit to Nordea Markets is nearly over. During two intensive and instructive days at FICC (Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities) for us as students at the Stockholm School of Economics, we gained an insight into this core area of the bank.

It has been an intensive week with many different activities. We are fascinated by the energy and intensity of FICC and the diversity of the people who work there. Through a programme featuring presentations and work shadowing, we have tapped into the skills of the FICC employees and used our new-found theoretical knowledge in case-based assignments.

In addition to the unique opportunity to take a peek inside the banking sector, we have also experienced Nordea’s positive corporate culture. We have met open, friendly and helpful people in a workplace with room for differences and an open atmosphere. As Spring Week students we have met people both in senior and junior level positions. This has given us a good idea of the job profiles at Nordea Markets and the various potential career paths across the bank. It has been stimulating and inspiring to meet and identify with junior employees who were in our situation not too long ago as well as to benefit from the broad knowledge and experience of people at senior levels.

We leave Nordea full of inspiration and with a lot of new knowledge.

As a Spring Week student at FICC the day starts with a morning briefing where the staff at the various desks update each other on events since yesterday and on the day’s central bank meetings, key data releases and so on. 20 minutes later it’s time to get started on the tasks ahead. During the morning hours we do a rotation tour of various product groups of the sales, trading, structuring and research desks. Through presentations and work shadowing we take part in the work and get the opportunity to ask questions and increase our knowledge. After an intensive and instructive morning it’s time for lunch with a bunch of FICC representatives. It’s a chance to talk more informally, which confirms our view of the workplace culture. After a re-energising meal, it’s time to put this morning’s learnings into practice to solve a case assignment. The case is interactive, giving us the opportunity to really go into depth with what we have learned during the day and to understand how theory is used in practice through group work and discussions. The day is rounded off by a presentation of the case and some concluding questions before we leave Nordea full of inspiration and with a lot of new knowledge.

A Spring Week visit to Nordea Markets is something we warmly recommend to everybody who is interested in a future career in the banking sector – and also to young people who do not know that much about the financial world but are just curious to learn more. This will be a stimulating visit for both experienced and inexperienced students, which will give you new insight, new friends and lots of motivation.

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