Making it to Markets FICC – tips and tricks

How do you land a job at one of the desks in Nordea Markets? We've asked HR Partner, Gabriella Malmgren, for some tips and tricks.

When we meet students from all across the Nordic countries on different career fairs and other occasions, we are often asked to tell them how to make it to Nordea Markets FICC, the fixed income and currencies part of Markets. This post will contain some tips and tricks on how to land a job at one of our desks. We’ve had a chat with Gabriella Malmgren who is our HR Partner at Markets.

Gabriella, what ways are there to get in to Nordea Markets FICC in Sweden?
We have several different ways to become a colleague here at Markets. The best way to start is by doing a spring week here followed by a summer internship. When you finish your studies you can apply to Nordea’s Graduate programme. Through this you will get a feeling for what you might be interested in and where you would like to work. The spring week is an intense one week internship in both Investment Banking (2 days) and Markets FICC (3 days) where the students are introduced to each desks daily work and to a case which they shall solve and present at the end of the day. This program aims at students on their second year at University. Our Summer Internship is a 10 week long internship where the students’ gets to spend a week at each Markets FICC desk and thus getting the opportunity to gain more in-debt knowledge about what each desk do. Here we are mainly looking for students who have completed their first master’s year. Finally, the Graduate programme is a 1-year cross-border program where the freshly baked students become employed at a specific desk, with all the responsibility that comes, while they at the same time are being invited to visit the other Nordic graduates in Finland, Norway and Denmark. There are four cross-border seminars with graduates from all of Nordea’s divisions, this is a great way to network with other graduates and to get to know every aspect of Nordea.

When are the application periods for each of these positions?
Usually the FICC-application opens in mid-December and closes in the end of January, followed by interviews in February and March.

What does the interview process look like?
The first interview is usually with two or three desk-Heads from different areas within Markets. Focus is usually on the person in front of them; Education, extracurricular activities, previous jobs and personal qualifications. On the second interview there usually is some kind of ability test that can look a bit different depending on what job the candidate is applying for. Then there will be another interview where the student will be asked to present a case for us. An advice from me (Adam) who did this a little more than a year ago: focus on your presentation techniques and take it easy. The important thing is not to know everything about interest rate derivatives or bonds, it’s about being able to handle a task in a convincing and calm way.

What are we looking for in our candidates?
The foremost quality we are looking for in our candidates is an inner drive to achieve something. What do you want? What drives and motivates you? Extracurricular activities are a great way to show us what you have been doing and it is a way to express an inner force.
The university focus area among our candidates is usually quite broad and we are looking for economists, engineers, system scientists and mathematicians.
We are also looking for diversity, not just in gender but also in origin, age and education.


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