Meet other ambitious Markets graduates

This year's graduate programme has just started - that is why you should get to know the ambitious talents who are exploring Markets at the moment.

In our last graduate blog, we presented two Markets graduates; Thea Stensaker and Emil Pontus Larsson, as we were on the spot when Nordea hosted a ‘meet and greet’ breakfast in Copenhagen. Now, we’re thrilled to introduce two of our other ambitious graduates, Ida Maria Paaby Porsager and Jakob Moos Larsen, just as eager to learn from the graduate programme, advance their careers and contribute to the Nordea Markets business.

Read on, and get to know how Ida Maria and Jakob made their way to Markets’ graduate programme and hear what they hope to achieve. You will also get insights to their work-life in Markets and learn why they have chosen to kick-start their career at Nordea. And for students who dream of becoming one of the future Markets graduates, Ida and Jakob also share a few tips and tricks.

Ida Maria Paaby Porsager (25)
Portfolio Advisory

Prior to joining the graduate programme, I have studied Economics (Cand.polit) at the University of Copenhagen. Besides my studies, I have worked in Nordea Markets which gave me knowledge about our organisation and an increased interest to continuing my career here.

I applied for the position in Markets because I think it is a modern bank embracing change and diversity.

Besides Nordea being a modern bank, the graduate programme was very attractive due to the network opportunities combined with the focus on a steep learning curve.

Today, I work in Nordea Markets, Portfolio Advisory, where I work with structured products from a portfolio perspective. Something I find very interesting and challenging.

Hungry for challenges

So far, I have learned that as a graduate you are allowed to be hungry – hungry for knowledge, hungry for network and hungry for challenge. I expect the programme primarily to be a learning-platform, but I also consider it as a “running-program”; to be the best at running, one has to be dedicated and have a plan that pushes one forward to run faster and longer.

After the program, I would like to continue working in Nordea Markets, since the only constant factor in Markets is ‘change’. Change for me implies possibilities to pursue learning and development.

Jakob Moos Larsen (26),
FX-MM Sales Denmark

Before I started in Markets FICC, I studied Finance & Strategic Management at Copenhagen Business School. Furthermore, I have worked as a student in Nordea Corporate & Investment Banking, which was a great place to be a student because of the wide reach of tasks where one learns how all the different divisions function and cooperate.

I applied for a position in Markets because I like the fast paced environment. In addition, I found the major changes both from regulations and disruptive technologies appealing to be a part of. It is an interesting task to contribute to and help influencing Nordea Markets staying on top.

The broad network is an advantage

At the first graduate seminar I got to know my fellow graduates from the other Nordic countries. Presentation techniques, Nordea values and a business case were the key areas of focus. The broad network that I obtain is an advantage that I can use going forward to collaborate across units. Furthermore I expect to acquire some tools from the graduate programme that I can use in my current position.

I work in FXMM Sales, where the clients primarily are large Danish and multinational corporates. In my future role I will advise clients on hedging solutions and will alongside develop and improve our management reporting tools so we utilise all the information available most efficiently. I am currently on a three month rotation in Emerging Markets where I can hopefully acquire an understanding of the structuring behind the sales in Emerging Markets currencies.

In the future I see myself in Markets – hopefully working on many different projects to strengthen my abilities and be as relevant as possible for the clients.

In terms of my career aspirations, I aspire to learn and improve to be valuable for Nordea in the future.

Advice to future students – stand out from the crowd

For the students who will apply for a graduate position in Markets Ida Maria and Jakob have an advice: Reach out to people in the organisation you wish to work in. Separate yourself from the crowd and stand out. Nordea Markets receives many applications and your application should capture their attention, so they have no other choice than to interview you.



If you’re curious to hear how it goes for Ida & Jakob and Thea & Emil, we will keep you updated here as we’ll talk with them later on when they have explored a bit more of the Nordea Markets graduate life.

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