Meet the Swedish summer interns, Cecilia and Viktor

Summer is here, and that means summer internship at several Nordea Markets offices. We've visited Oslo, and now time has come to go to Stockholm.

They’re more than halfway through their eight weeks’ summer internship at Nordea Markets in Stockholm, and so it’s about time we meet our two Swedish summer interns, Cecilia and Viktor, and hear what they’ve been up to at the trading floor so far. We’ve asked them to share their thoughts and experiences of working in FICC, and during the next couple of weeks, you can follow them closely here on Nordea Market’s career blog.

For starters, let’s get to know a bit more about Cecilia and Viktor. Who are they? Why did they choose to apply for a summer internship at Nordea Markets? And what are their expectations and aspirations for the internship?

Cecilia Skoglund (age 22), studies at Lund University:

“I’m studying an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management at Lund University.

I think the finance industry is by far the most interesting one there is. Working at the markets division is an opportunity to combine an interest for news and macro events with client-specific analysis of needs and views. I have worked at Nordea Markets before and I know it’s a fun place to work with lots of great people – so applying for the internship was a no-brainer for me.

I hope to learn a lot about the different products that are traded here as well as get a better understanding of what working on a trading floor is like on a day-to-day basis.”

Click here to visit Cecilia’s LinkedIn profile.

Viktor Paulsrud (age 24), studies at KTH Royal Institute of Technology:

“I’m currently studying an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and I also have a BSc in Business and Economics from Stockholm University.

I applied for the summer internship at Nordea Markets because I was really curious about the financial industry and wanted to see it from “the inside”! And where can you do that better than from a trading floor? I’d also heard really good things about Nordea’s FICC Summer Internship; for example that there is a large focus on teaching the interns as much as possible.

I expect the internship to be a real challenge intellectually. And in the end, I hope to have gotten to know a lot of people, have a better understanding on how the financial markets function, and maybe get a feel for where I could see myself working in the future.”

Click here to visit Viktor’s LinkedIn profile.

Stay tuned and read Cecilia and Viktor’s first blog post, coming tomorrow, where they reflect on the first half of their summer internship at Nordea Markets in Stockholm.