Meeting talented female students at GirlCamp

We participated in BI Norwegian Business School’s GirlCamp for talented female students, to encourage more women to apply within Nordea Markets.

It is a fact that there’s a majority of males working in finance. And although we are very happy with our male colleagues, we in Nordea Markets would like to encourage more women to apply. Not necessarily because we want to polish employer statics, but because we want the brightest minds to come work for us. And these minds might very well be women.

Unfortunately, there seems like some of these (otherwise) bright women have some misconceptions about what it is like to work in finance. I keep asking myself why. Why do people, women in particular, find it strange that women work and perform brilliantly in finance? In my opinion it is simply about who you are and how you perform, neither correlated to gender. Well, to correct some of these misconceptions, we participated in BI Norwegian Business School’s GirlCamp for dedicated and talented female students.

While visiting Nordea, the girls were introduced to some of the many opportunities in Nordea in general and Nordea Markets in particular. I believe Lisa Karlsen, Director in Investment Banking, convinced many on how exiting finance and investment banking in fact is. And furthermore that it’s foolish to believe that being female is any disadvantage.

Randi Marjamaa, Deputy Head of Banking, gave three reasons to why one should apply in finance that I would like to repeat:

1: Knowledge of financial markets always comes in handy

2: Working in finance gives so much variety and there is endless opportunities

3: Finance is not as boring as some might think – In fact, it is quite the opposite

I would like to end this post by first thanking all of the girls that made these days successful and second; to encourage everyone to pay more attention to who you are and what you stand for; not your gender.

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