NO #1 – Meet our talented summer interns in Oslo – What a joy!

They've been excited to join us - and we've likewise been anticipating their arrival. Now they're here and we're thrilled to present our new interns.

People look forward to the summer season for various reasons. In this, somewhat less ordinary case, the summer longing doesn’t involve vacation; no hammocks, flip-flops and BBQ on the beach. It’s still good fun – just in a different, hard-working but quite stimulating and rewarding way! We’re talking spending your summer investing in your career by applying and getting a position as summer intern at Nordea Markets.

These six ambitious did it, and we’re thrilled to once again welcome yet another group of talented summer interns to join us at Nordea Markets’ trading floor in Oslo for eight weeks. As in previous years, the summer interns will share their experiences and write about their work life; tasks, challenges and wins, and the off-work social events, in weekly blogs.

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Now, let’s meet them; (from the left) Andrea, Janne, Helene, Joachim, Ole and Theodor. Stay tuned for the upcoming blog about their first weeks with us – after this introduction:

Norsk intern Ole Martin Ole Martin Rødland (23)

I study at the Norwegian School Of Economics (NHH), in my 4th year, Major in Finance

I applied for an internship at Nordea Markets because I have a great desire to experience, first-hand, areas you can work on with a finance education, and especially in the markets section.

Nordea is a leading Nordic institution in the finance industry, and I want to work with high-quality colleagues. I have some experience with equity research from my part-time job, and I wish and hope this summer can confirm that finance is my passion and what I want to do with my education.

I expect to get a better feeling whether Equity research is where I belong, or if I find other areas more interesting. I hope I can be useful and will work hard to give back as well. I believe Nordea is a perfect match and I look forward to spending eight weeks here this Summer.

Interns NO AndreaAndrea Westbye (25)

I study for a MSc. degree in Finance and Investment at Copenhagen Business School. Prior to CBS, I lived four years in Seattle U.S., where I took a bachelor degree in Business Administration, as well as worked one year for Amazon Inc., as a data analyst.

I applied to the summer internship to gain a better understanding of how the financial market work, and to experience how it is to work in a Markets division. In addition, I find this opportunity to be unique with its rotation program, allowing for hands-on experience within several divisions. From living abroad I gained an interest with exchange rates, so I am particularly eager to learn more about how it is at the FX desk.

I expect the next seven weeks to be challenging, fun, and very insightful, combined with a steep learning curve – which I am already experiencing after a week here! I look forward to getting to know the people here at Markets, and to learn from them through both projects and discussions.

NO interns.TheodorTheodor Aam Olsen (23)

I study MSc International Finance at HEC in Paris – and studied for my bachelors in Wyoming, USA.

The reason I applied to the Summer Internship was to gain a better view of the work a leading Nordic bank does. To be able to rotate between several different divisions throughout the summer seemed like a unique opportunity. I’ll be able to test myself in a variety of environments and tasks, and get a feeling of where I could see myself working in the future.

I hope to learn more about how the different divisions within Nordea Markets work. To get some insight on the day-to-day tasks within each divisions, I think will be rewarding for my professional development. Furthermore, I am really looking forward to applying my university education to obtain a more complete understanding of where theory meets practice.

I have several fields of interest which is partially why Markets’ rotational internship is such a great opportunity. I find sustainable finance and ESG very exciting fields, also as it seems to have an increasing, genuine impact on how the finance sector thinks and what investors prioritize. I also find the private markets side quite interesting, and it would likewise be really cool to learn more about areas like infrastructure and project finance.

In my spare time, I like doing some kind of outdoor activity. When I studied for my bachelors in Laramie, Wyoming, it was largely backcountry skiing and climbing – and in Oslo I’m hoping to do lots of biking and kayaking. Bonus info about Wyoming; they also have the best vegetarian food I’ve ever tried. And yes, I do own a pair of mandatory cowboy boots!

No interns Janne

Janne Graff Nesse (24)

I am a student of industrial engineering and management at NTNU in Trondheim, where I am specializing in computer science and optimization. Since I also find finance interesting, I have taken a few courses in that as well. I will embark on my last year of studies after the summer.

I applied for the summer internship at Nordea because I was curious to see if finance was for me, and because I had a good impression of Nordea. I hope to understand more of how finance works in practice and what the key success factors in this field are.

My interest is mainly in macroeconomics and FX, mainly because I am very interested in national and global affairs, and politics. I am also interested in Equities, as it gives broad insight into different sectors and industries. My professional aspiration is to find a job I can get really good at doing, where every day at work is fun and full of learning.

In my spare time I like to go hiking, play piano and spend time with friends and family (and dog). In Trondheim I love to involve myself into the many aspects of student life, including voluntary engagements, playing football and participating at festivities. I like to try new things, and have many hobbies and passions. One of them is a higher than average love for 19th century Russian Literature.

Joachim Koren (26)

After summer I will complete my MSc in Finance with a minor in Innovation from Norwegian School Of Economics (NHH).

I applied for the internship after reading about the structure of the internship programme and the previous blog posts, where former interns described a unique offer to gain valuable insight into various financial markets alongside experienced and talented people.

The focus on practical case work, growth and learning, as well as enjoyment and sustainability, made Nordea Markets stand out as a fantastic place for anyone with great interest in finance and eagerness to gain hands-on experience.

In my spare time, I like to spend time with my family and friends, and I also have a strong passion for sports and working out. I also enjoy cooking and once came second in a sushi chef contest in San Francisco.

Interns NO Helene

Helene Dorenberg (24)

I study Quantitative Finance at BI Norwegian Business School. Last year I finished by Bachelor in Finance at BI, and I went straight to my master at the same school.

Approaching the end of my studies, I was keen on getting relevant experience and was particularly interested in how a Market division operates and to see how the theoretical finance that I have studies, works in the real world.

Makets’ summer internship seemed to be the perfect opportunity to do this, where I get to participate in different projects and get a broad picture of the different areas in Nordea Markets. A friend recommended Nordea, and after reading the internship description and the blog from last year I was sure this is where I wanted to apply.

During the internship I expect to learn a lot from the experienced professionals at Nordea Markets, and get an insight in how different projects and divisions operates. Furthermore I wish to get an overview of the different career paths Nordea offer and hopefully find an area that peaks my interest in particular.

Lastly, I hope to have a social and fun summer with my fellow interns and colleagues!


Warm welcome to yet another great group of Norwegian summer interns, who this year come with different backgrounds, diverse hobbies and studies ranging across Finance & Investment, Industrial Engineering, Quantitative Finance and Innovation.

We’re pretty confident that Helene and her five co-interns will have a fantastic summer at our trading floor in Oslo; make new friends, have a lot of fun, al the while learn and grow A LOT during the 8 weeks’ internship. Yes, it’s big words – but we’ve run Markets’ summer internship programme in Norway (and Sweden) for several years, and the previous interns seem to have enjoyed their summer with us – by the looks of the blogs and vlogs, they’ve done over the years. You can find them here at Markets Career page.

Also, have a look at last year’s blog series from the Norwegian summer interns,

… and meet this year’s fellow interns in Stockholm:

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