NO #1 – Warm welcome to our summer interns in Oslo

Please join us in welcoming this year's summer interns in Oslo; Hanna, Eirik, Kathrine, Petter, Astrid and Jørgen introducing themselves

Hannah Reiersen Slagsvold (23) – Studies MSc Investment and Wealth Management, Imperial College London

I recently completed my bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration at Copenhagen Business School and will be starting my master’s degree in Investment and Wealth Management at Imperial College London, this fall.

Ever since I began my bachelor’s degree in economics I have been eager to get hands-on experience from the financial world. Moreover, I wanted to gain insight as to how a markets department with various fields such as fixed income, derivatives and equities operates and create synergies. With this in mind, Nordea clearly stood out, as they are one of the leading banks in the Nordics and consequently possesses a lot of talented people to learn from.

During my internship at Nordea’s trading floor I expect to gain an overview of the various career paths they offer, and hopefully figure out if I could see myself working in either of them. I am also excited to learn from and work amongst experienced finance professionals and to be assigned projects from various parts of the Markets division.

The impact of macroeconomic factors on movements in the financial markets and the various financial instruments you can use to bet for or against specific changes in the market is something that really fascinates me. This is of course, reflected in almost all parts of the markets division, but seems especially evident at FX and interest rate trading.

Outside of school/work I like to socialise and travel.

Fun fact: Before my bachelor’s degree at CBS I studied International Military Operations and Torture, Terror and Rights at The University of Oslo.


Eirik Wensaas (23) – Studies at NHH Norwegian School of Economics

I am currently doing a master degree with specialization in finance at the Norwegian School of Economics, and will be starting on my fifth year this fall. This summer I will spend eight weeks at Nordea Markets in Oslo.

I applied for the summer internship at Nordea Markets because I was very curious about how it is like to work within a Markets division. The internship also seemed like a great opportunity to get practical experience in my field of study and to both learn from and work with very experienced and talented colleagues.

I am expecting the following eight weeks to be challenging, but at the same time extremely rewarding. I hope that when I leave in August I will have acquired a lot of new skills and gained a much better understanding of the different fields within Nordea Markets. Lastly, I am very much looking forward to getting to know Nordea and the people working here.


Kathrine Neteland (24) – Studies at Copenhagen Business School

I am from Bergen, and I currently study for a MSc. degree in Finance and Strategic Management at Copenhagen Business School.

I applied for the Nordea Markets internship due to my interest in the financial markets and for my desire to learn how various teams work towards them. Furthermore, I think the internship offers a fantastic opportunity to experience first-hand how the different parts of a Markets’ environment are interlinked. It also provides a deeper understanding of what it entails to work in an atmosphere that is constantly changing with the macro environment.

My fields of interests are broad, and I am constantly discovering new ones here at Nordea. So far, I have found the debt capital markets to be particularly fascinating!

Fun fact: I enjoy painting, even though I am really bad at it!


Petter Johansson (23) – Studies at Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

I am a fourth-year student at the Norwegian School of Economics specializing in Finance. This summer, I look forward to spending eight weeks at Nordea Markets in Oslo. I applied for the internship to get practical experience within the field of finance. In addition, I am curious to learn more about how a markets division operates, and how it is integrated with the various areas of Nordea’s banking system.

During the internship, I am especially looking forward to work alongside and learn from experienced professionals at Nordea. I am eager to take part in relevant discussions and tasks, and to explore Nordea Markets’ various areas of business. Nordea’s prolonged presence in the financial industry ensures me that I will gain experience from an environment with high professional integrity.

Lastly, I am very excited to participate in the various social aspects of the internship.


Astrid Slettan (25) – Studies Applied Economics & Finance at Copenhagen Business School

I currently have one year left of my master’s program in Applied Economics and Finance at Copenhagen Business School. Prior to starting my master program, I completed a bachelor’s degree in International Business, also at CBS.

I applied to the summer internship position at Nordea Markets because I wanted to learn more about the world of finance and capital markets. This is of course an area that has been covered in multiple courses during my years at CBS, but I really wanted to see and learn how the theory of it comes into play in real life markets. I first heard about the position from a friend who had worked as a summer intern the previous year, and her description of her time at Nordea Markets only strengthened my impression of the internship here.

So far, my expectations have been more than met, with a very welcoming culture, instructive deep-dive projects and presentations, and co-workers more than willing to tell you about their work and experiences. I look forward to the other projects in various areas of Nordea Markets, and to be able to absorb as much knowledge and insight as possible during my stay here. My aspiration within finance for now is first and foremost to find an area that I find exciting and that I really can excel in. I love the quantitative and analytical work, combined with the need to follow the world around you and understand its impact on the markets, and I want to find a part of Markets where I can put this interest to its best use.

Aside from school and work, I like exploring and understanding the world around us and have lived in many different places – Texas, Connecticut, Bath, Buenos Aires, Singapore, and Copenhagen. My next stop is Amsterdam, where I will be going on exchange to Vrije Universiteit before writing my master thesis in the spring. But for now, I look forward to spending the next weeks at the Nordea offices in Oslo!


Jørgen Nygaard Mellem (24) – Studies at HEC Lausanne

At HEC Lausanne, I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in Financial Entrepreneurship and Data Science. Before staring my master’s degree in Switzerland, I did my bachelor’s degree in international economics and finance at Bocconi in Milan.

My main motivation for applying to the internship at Nordea Markets was to experience first-hand how it is to work in a large financial institution, and to see how to apply the theoretical aspects encountered during my studies to real world problems.

During the summer I expect to encounter tasks that challenge my knowledge base of financial markets, and to learn from professionals in their fields. During the planning phase of the internship, I got the option to choose between one longer project over the duration of the summer, or a rotation between desks. I choose option one, as I wanted the opportunity to get a feeling of how it is to work on a big project in a professional setting.

On the personal side, I am a big fan of outdoor adrenaline filled activities like climbing, ski mountaineering, downhill cycling etc.


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