NO #2 : Wauw! We’ve learned tons these two weeks

New faces, New Info, New everything! There's a lot to digest. See how and what the interns are doing in Oslo, while climbing a steep learning curve!

By Andrea, Helene, Janne, Joachim, Ole Martin & Theodor

The first two weeks at Nordea Markets trading floor have flown by in high speed! Going back to the beginning, we were given a warm welcome and introduction by Jon Birger Tysnes (responsible for us summer interns in Norway) and Martin Husby Christensen (Head of Management Office at Markets), before we started off with our projects – and met a bunch of people.

No summer interns Joachim and Ole

It’s safe to say that during these first weeks, there have been a lot of new faces and information to process and put in to place. But we are all very excited about being here, and learning and getting to know more about Nordea and everyone working here.

Ole Martin and Joachim worked on a project for the Corporate & Investment (C&I) department during their first two weeks. The goal was to provide an overview and dashboard of financial key metrics reported by customers of Nordea. They both enjoyed the project and learned a lot from analysing certain companies from the bank’s perspective, with a focus on down-side risk factors and stable performance. They learned how to build a key-metrics model and key figures to analyse from a bank perspective.


Deep-dive in to the private side

Suymmer interns NO Andrea and Janne

Theodor (Theo) and Andrea started off the internship with individual projects in the Investment Banking (IB) division at Debt Capital Markets (DCM) and Debt Solution Loan (DSL) – known as the private side of Nordea Markets. Here Andrea and Theo got the opportunity to work with projects related to specific companies, servicing their needs in the credit space. Andrea worked with structured loans while Theo worked with preparations for bond issuances.

Meanwhile Janne and Helene kicked off in Credit Sales, trying to automate a process of creating weekly reports to customers. They learned a great deal of VBA coding as well as got a great overview of how credit sales is organised – how credit brokers work and how sales and trading are connected. All-in-all a pretty energetic kick-off to our eight weeks at Nordea.

Summer Academy zooming in on ESG, IPO, ABB …

On Thursdays there is the live Summer Academy event where different Nordea units attend to present key topics within their field of work and daily operations. On the first Thursday, we had the pleasure to listen to Ingrid Aashildrød who works at Nordea Sustainability Group Finance. Ingrid talked about Nordea’s ESG approach – a topic we are all very eager to learn more about. The second Thursday, Jørgen Bruaset from Equity Reaseach and Jacob Stræte from Equity Capital Markets came to talk about equity value chain, and how to structure an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and an Accelerated Book Building (ABB).

So much has happened during our time here. Overall – and in short – it’s been great. We have learned tons these two weeks, and have already got to known some of the great minds and nice people at Nordea Markets in Oslo!

Time flies here, and we look forward to keeping you in the loop – stay tuned for our next blog ;-).

No summer interns


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