NO #3: Getting the hang of it – learning a lot, from the top

Our summer interns are busy at Markets' trading floor in Oslo. Hear about their projects, meetings, insights and interesting people they've met ...

By Andrea Westbye and Joachim Koren

Going into the third week, we rotate and begin new projects with blank excel sheets. This week, we, Andrea and Joachim, are working together, and we will let you in on how our first week at FX Sales has been, and also give some insights from the various meetings we have attended.

One can tell how highly Nordea values their interns, as people from different divisions within Markets and LC&I are taking time from their schedule to sit down with us and talk us through their workday and the various business aspects, explaining and bringing insights. This is something we interns highly appreciate.

The following two weeks, we are working on a project for the FX Sales team where we are trying to automate identification of business banking auto dealing customers and if the customer is changing transaction behavior. With a big data set, a fair part of this first week has been used to get familiar with the data, and format it in a practical manner. It’s safe to say pivot tables have become our new best friend! We are both very excited about this project as it can be of high value to the FX team.

Getting valuable advice from the top

As for the rest of the group, Janne and Helene are still working together, and now on a new Macroeconomic project for the Research & Risk Solution Team, attempting to forecast the Norwegian Mainland GDP based on a variety of economic variables. Meanwhile, Theodor and Ole are on Equity Research, analyzing different companies in various sectors.

From left; Ole Rødland, Randi Marjamaa, Anniken Grimsmo, Helene Dorenberg, Theodor Olsen, Janne Graff.

On Tuesday, we had the pleasure of meeting Randi Marjamaa, new head of Personal Banking and Country Senior Executive for Nordea Banking in Norway.

We had a great conversation with Randi, who told us about Nordea’s businesses, challenges and the importance of being versatile and placing the customer in the centre of its operations. Randi also shared valuable advice from her own career and personal life. She emphasised finding a balance; do what you enjoy doing to establish a good foundation to build on. We all found it highly interesting to hear about and discuss certain relevant topics with Randi – and we wish Randi all the best going forward as the new head of Personal Banking in Norway.

Super interesting presentations, meetings and learnings

Helene, Janne and Theodor cooling off – in between project work, presentations, meetings.

We were also given a great introduction to the Leveraged Finance team in Nordea by Tobias Kornberg, who explained how they structure and finance acquisitions for the Private Equity industry. We also enjoyed a lunch meeting with Anne Schult Ulriksen from LC&Ix, which is a team working on incubating new businesses and digital growth within Nordea. A very exciting lunch, with a super interesting and diversified team of engineers and equity researches working hand-in-hand.

On Thursday, we attended another Summer Academy session, including pizza.

Here Martin Kolltveit and Eirik Øye from FX Sales & Distribution gave a presentation about the various FX products and how their team operates.

In addition, Kristine Aasberg from FX/MM Trading spoke about how it is to be a trader at Nordea, what pricing mechanism they utilize, how they manage risk, and how they cooperate with the FX desk. Overall, we – once again – found it to be super interesting to hear how the two different desks manage risk, particularly during the turbulent corona imposed months!

In summary – we’ve enjoyed yet another great week here at Nordea. We are now really grasping the picture of Nordea as a whole (or at least, we think we do …), but we can definitely see all the various opportunities Nordea has to offer.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog post from our co-interns.

/Andrea & Joachim

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