NO #4: Halfway through but not nearly halfway done

Time flyes when you're busy learning while having fun! That's the case for our interns in Oslo - juggling pivot tables, deep-diving into fish-farming

By Janne Graf & Joachim Koren

Time is flying here! Having finished week four, it is hard to grasp that we are halfway through our internship already!

Still, it has been yet another busy, interesting and fun week, where we all spent time on finishing our second round of projects in various departments at Nordea Markets.

Helene and Janne have been busy at the Macroeconomic Research desk looking at methods to forecast GDP. It was very code intensive and involved statistical work as well as a lot of macroeconomic knowledge – all of which we are not fully fleshed experts in quite yet! But we are learning everyday – so one day …!

Fortunately, everyone around us are always prepared to help out, like in this case, to explain to us the relationship between GDP, inflation and interest rates, the yield curve in Japan – and basically everything else we might wonder about. That is one of the greatest traits of this internship – knowing that we at any time can reach out and ask any question to these extremely competent people at the trading floor, who are eager to help and share their knowledge.

Something fishy …

Joachim and Andrea continued with their FX Sales related project concerning auto dealing customers within the Business Banking segment (as mentioned in our previous blog post). After having spent time on getting familiar with the data provided and sorting it, the next steps were to; establish adequate parameters to detect certain changes in customers transaction behavior, and then run tests to see if there’s something to it. Overall, a fun project with lots of numbers and pivot tables.

Meanwhile, Theodor and Ole Martin have for the past two weeks been working at Equity Research where they among others got a deep-dive into both fish-farming and the real-estate market. Here they conducted both market and company-specific research and got a good look into what a normal day looks like for an equity researcher.

From left: Ole Martin Rødland, Theodor Aam Olsen, Helene Dorenberg and Andrea Westbye enjoying lunch with sushi and a chat about what’s fishy …! 

Additionally, they spiced it all up with some very welcomed fish puns (at least by some of the interns). They started the project off with trawling the internet for information. Towards the end of the project, one of the chapters of the report was concluded saying that there was something fishy about those numbers …! It’s important to both have fun working and be fully invested in what you do.

Getting harder to cut it short

So, life is not just work here – there is some playing as well. Like the Summer Academy  sessions every Thursday which are highly interesting and informative, as well as very social and fun to attend.

For this week’s Summer Academy, the Fixed Income value chain was on the agenda, and Sofie Mørland from Investment Banking and  Scott Stousland, Senior Sales Manager in Credit Sales at Markets, gave a sound introduction to debt financing, risk factors and pricing of debt in today’s market.

Halfway through our internship, we are all starting to get to know each other pretty well, and it’s a good sign that every day it’s getting harder to cut the lunch conversation short when we are approaching half an hour. But then we hang out after work and continue our talks over a drink and good laughs.

Enjoying an after-work drink among colleagues and fellow interns.

All in all, it’s safe to say that we are learning so much every day, and are having a lot of fun too.

/ Janne & Joachim

Look our for more blogs from our interns during the summer – and meanwhile, have a peak at some of the previous internship articles from Norway, Sweden and Finland.

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