NO #4 – Meeting great minds, making new friends

Time flies when you're having fun, and busy working on new eye-opening projects and meeting fascinating people - as the interns in Oslo are doing

By Kathrine Søndenå Neteland

Continuing our weekly blog series, this week we were once again fortunate to meet up with some of the great minds of Nordea. Anne-Mette Habæk Bright, head of Nordea Markets Graduates, came to speak to us about the new and exciting Graduate Concept in Nordea Markets Sales & Trading and what it entails.

Furthermore, Ulf Bjørnhaug from Cash Management presented his department to us and told about the challenges that banks are facing in today’s fast pacing environment. Lastly, we also had the pleasure to meet Hans-Erik Lind from Commercial & Business Banking and learned about the business in this unit.

As weeks go by, what I find more and more interesting – and what amazes me – is to see how all the many units of the bank are interlinked, and how many different areas of expertise and diversity that exist in an immense bank like Nordea.

Digging deep in to bonds, ESG and Research

So, what else happened in the past week three! We were all introduced to new projects. Erik (photo, on the right), Petter (photo, on the left) and I (Kathrine) were assigned to credit sales where our task was to map, illustrate and analyze statistics of the Norwegian bond market.

The task was fascinating, and we learned a great deal about the Norwegian bond market that we did not know. For example, the mere fact that the bond market is huge in volume not to mentioning the increasing level of foreign currency issuances.

Hannah and Astrid (photo) were assigned to an ESG/sustainable finance project, and Jørgen held up the fort at Equity Research (Read Jørgen’s story about how his wish to stay with Equity Research came true). All in all, yet again it was a very educational week for the whole lot of us.

Stepping up the game

The social aspects of the summer internship are still going strong!

In week three, as always, we played floor-ball with increased precision and talent. In addition, Me and Eirik joined the football practice that are held before work on Thursdays, which were exhausting but great fun.

What I enjoy most about the sporting activities is that it enables us to get to know our colleges at Nordea Markets better, but also gives us the opportunity to get to know people from other parts of Nordea.

Our weekly Summer Academy was held by Charles A. Myrvik, Vegard Hernæs and Nina T. Døvre, and was about the FX value chain.

After the presentation, we all went out for a beer or two (…) at a local pub at Majorstuen.

To wrap it all up – halfway through our internship, the weeks have flown by very quickly, which I think is a good indication that we’re all really enjoying our time here at Nordea Markets.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog post about our lives here at Nordea Markets 😉.


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