NO #5 – I asked, and my wish for Equity Research came true!

Jørgen differs a bit from his fellow summer interns in Oslo! Hear how in his blog, where the tech savvy intern tells his story and shares some tips.

Jørgen differs a bit from his five fellow summer interns at Markets in Oslo – how? In this blog post, the tech savvy intern with a preference for Equity Research, tells how and why, and elaborates on his experiences so far and about the goings-on in week three. Jørgen also gives a few recommendations involving asking questions and acquiring coding and analytics skills – to mention some of the tips from Jørgen.

By Jørgen Nygaard Mellem

The third week of our internship has just sped past, and we are all getting more settled in the hows and whys at Nordea markets. As you might know, the internship is organised on a rotational basis where you get to work on projects across the different desks at Nordea Markets over the summer.

However, as I wanted a more thorough understanding of equity research and the role as an equity analyst, I asked if it was possible to make a somewhat tailored solution where I work solely on research projects during my summer internship. And happily, it was feasible – my wish came true. So, when the other interns switched partners and moved on to different desks this week, I remained in Research.

Initially, I was working on automating the production of “one-pagers” about Norwegian savings banks, to speed up the process of creating a nationwide bank report. Having gained programming knowledge in languages such as Python and C++ during my master’s degree in Financial Entrepreneurship and Data science, it was a surprisingly simple task to convert my knowledge to Excel’s VBA (Visual Basics for Application programming language) to create tailor made macros to produce the “one-pagers” per savings bank, and update the historical databases.

Pursuing a job in finance, I highly recommend …

When I decided upon pursuing a master’s degree in finance which included significant programming and data analytics courses, I expected the additional data knowledge to be useful in a Markets like job setting – but, the reactions from senior colleagues have been greater than expected. They all seem to cherish the addition of programming skills on top of a foundation of financial understanding.

In my opinion, having spent a decent amount of time dealing with efficiency optimisation in writing scripts, enables you to see problems you meet in finance in a maybe not different way, but an additional way.

Where I once only looked for the way to solve the financial matter at hand, I now often also picture ways to solve the problem more efficiently by using computer tools. Alas, I would highly recommend getting familiar with the mechanisms of writing algorithms, and coding efficiency optimisation for anybody interested in pursuing a job in finance.

Very interesting presentations and lectures

Even though I decided to have a narrower focused working environment during the summer internship, I still spend time with the other interns.

Jørgen discussing market movements with Atle Ulstein Ekern, Assistent Analyst at Equity Research Norway.

I also get exposure to all the different business areas in Nordea markets, and Nordea Wholesale banking in general, due to several lunch presentations from the different desks, and interesting lectures at the Thursday Summer Academy Sessions.

Throughout the week we got introductions to other business areas in Nordea, such as Cash Management and Business Banking. These 30 minutes presentations are very interesting as they provide useful insight to operational areas outside of Markets.

The Summer Academy session was about the FX Value Chain, and Charles A. Myrvik, Vegard Hernæs and Nina T. Døvre provided insightful information about the relationship between sales, trading and research necessary to run an efficient FX desk. As usual, the session was concluded with food and refreshments before heading out to town with our fellow Nordea Colleagues.


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