NO #6: Exciting hands-on IPO experience – time to ‘shine’

New week, new opportunities to ask, learn, have fun - and hopefully, to shine! Now, is the time - the clock is ticking ...!

By Janne Graff & Ole Martin Rødland

A new week, new opportunities; to ask questions, to learn, to have fun – and hopefully, to shine! It seems like we are all starting to realize, that the time we have left here is limited, and that we really have to spend the remaining time of the internship ‘right’, to the fullest!

This week, I (Ole Martin – on the photo next to Joachim) joined the private side to explore the excitement of investment banking. I’ve been working with an IPO from the public side (equity research) the last two weeks, and will now experience how investment banking works with a similar case. Investment banking is intense, since you always work against deadlines in a live case, and you have to explore and understand so many different aspects. That’s the thrill about it!

Crucial knowledge

Meanwhile, I (Janne) am lending a pair of hands to the fore-mentioned and upcoming IPO, where Nordea has the mandate. It is really exciting to be so hands-on on a real customer project, working alongside the analysts.

Equity research consists of a variety of tasks, but all of them require that you put on the ‘curious hat’, and start googling. It is crucial to understand the product, the market for the raw material, the market for the product, price dynamics, competitors, etc. etc. I believe this is the perfect place to conclude the internship, because you get to use a variety of insights from all the projects we have worked on here, and climbing the steep learning curve.

Our fellow interns, Theodor and Andrea, are at Risk Solutions, looking at risks mainly within FX for Nordea’s retail customers. Helene is combining a regulatory analysis project with the continuation of the ESG project from the last two weeks. Joachim (photo, behind Ole Martin) is still at Investment Banking, working on the same case as the last two weeks, but now together with Ole.

Our last academy – ‘linking it all together’

Thursday will be the last summer academy for this summer, and we are all very excited! The theme will be “Linking it all together”. And it really seems like the time to do that – to start trying to tie everything we’ve learned over the summer together, and better understand the bigger picture. And of course, the social part after the academy is always something to look forward to!

So, as always throughout our internship, we look forward to another great week here – and will of course tell you all about it in our next blog. So stay tuned!

/Ole Martin & Janne

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