NO #7 – Dealing with new challenges and learning a lot

Soon our internship at Markets is history. See how our 2nd last week sped by with new tasks & Summer Academy - and hear what's quite unique here!

By Hannah Reiersen Slagsvold

Norwegian summer interns 2019_Hannah and Kathrine

From left: Hannah and Kathrine.

All of a sudden, we, the six interns at the Oslo office, are finishing our last projects at Nordea Markets. Time has flown by rapidly at the trading floor this summer, which can only mean that we have had a good time.

Once again, the six of us have worked on different, sometimes challenging tasks and projects. Eirik is currently working on a project about Nordic rates, analysing correlations between the interest rates of different countries, while Astrid and Kathrine are developing a Power Bi tool to give the FX team an overview of their latest performance. Meanwhile, Petter and I are building a model in Excel and Python with the purpose of mapping which of Nordea’s customers that are most exposed to currency risk, as well as the composition of their FX transactions.

The combination of coding and analytics skills in finance is something you hear a lot about in the media. Previously, my fellow intern, Jørgen Nygaard Mellem, wrote about the importance of familiarising yourself with the mechanisms of producing algorithms and understanding coding if you are interested in pursuing a job in finance.

Jørgen’s impression of programming skills becoming increasingly favourable these days, is indeed proving itself to be true. We have all been challenged with projects aiming to create models in Python or R, with practically no experience with programming. It is very interesting to see how coding is used to solve both finance related matters and to streamline analysis and day-to-day tasks.

Quite unique and many opportunities

We get to know new parts of Markets every week. This Monday we had dinner with Gaute Ulltveit-Moev, Head of Equity Sales, where we got a more wholesome understanding of his department, while also discussing the possible changes his profession and the finance industry might be facing in the future.

In addition, we got an introduction to Risk Solutions by Aldo Maillot at this week’s Summer Academy. After the presentation we all went to Prindsens Hage (a local bar with outdoor games) to socialise and enjoy beverages in the sun. We all agree that the social aspects of the internship, like floorball and summer academy, where we meet, talk and play with Nordea employees, is quite unique and something we really appreciate, as it enables us to get to know our colleagues in a more informal environment.

Norwegian summer interns 2019_Having a drink_850x300

From left: Caroline, Hannah, Eirik, Atle, Petter and Astrid.

Although Nordea seemingly has an ever-changing organisational map, we are now, after several Summer Academy sessions and additional presentations, beginning to get a good grasp of the Markets structure, and how the various departments collaborate within Markets and across Nordea.

After nearly 7 weeks here, I think we all have realised the benefits that comes from working in a big financial institution like Nordea. With this, I refer to the many opportunities and career paths they offer – as well as the exciting projects and business deals you get to be a part of.

We are sad but ready to embark on our last week of the internship, which is culminating in an exam and a presentation of our projects in front of the Management in Markets, next week. Wish us best of luck!



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