NO #8 – They’re off with great experiences and recognition

Join us as we are saying a final farewell to our Norwegian summer interns in their last blog post from Nordea Markets in Oslo...

By Astrid, Hannah, Kathrine, Eirik, Jørgen and Petter.

Our internship at Nordea Markets has now come to an end, but the time when we had just started and introduced ourselves on Nordea Markets’ career blog does not feel so long ago. The time here has just flown away so quickly!

The past eight weeks have been very eventful and exciting, and it is safe to say that we have learned a lot and kick started our careers during our summer.

A week filled with presentations, nerves and recognition

Norwegian summer interns 2019 - Jørgen, Astrid, Hannah and Kathrine

During our last week, we have finished up on our projects and made sure that we have visited all parts of Markets that interest us. People at the trading floor have been open and willing to share their work and knowledge with us, which has given us maximum output every single day.

On Wednesday, we had our first presentation of the week. We presented our ESG project to the Financial Institutional Group of Nordea. They were so impressed by the presentation, so we were booked to present for C&IB on Thursday as well.

The presentation consisted of both an overview of Nordea’s sustainable finance strategy, one pagers of their Tier 1 customers’ sustainable finance strategy and an Excel tool with basic information of Tier 1 and Tier 2 customers’ ESG initiatives. They certainly found this overview very valuable.

Our very last day was filled with nerves and butterflies in our stomachs once again. We had to do a final presentation which including all the projects that we have taken part of during our internship.

The audience involved a lot of important people from all over wholesale banking. Even though we were all nervous before our performance, it is safe to say that it went well, and we could leave the experience with new confidence.

Last chance for a win…

The last week was also the last chance for a win in more than one respect. It was time to enjoy yet another floorball game, and also use the knowledge we have gained through the summer academy sessions in an exam.

The floorball activity has been a great way to socialise with colleagues in an informal setting and get a good workout at the same time.  We are happy to say that our progress has been better than expected, considering how the first match went and how we got sore muscles and leg cramps afterwards.

We also participated in our last summer academy session. In total we have had seven sessions where colleagues have given us and other young professionals presentations about their field of work and departments.

For the last session, the people responsible for the summer academy had prepared an exam for all of us. Kathrine achieved the best score of all the participants, which was really impressive. Also, Petter won the FX competition, where we were to estimate what the EURNOK spot rate would be on a given date.

After the exam it was set for a wonderful dinner with our colleagues which was a nice and fun way to end our time here.

Now, all that is left to say is thank you Nordea Markets for a great summer – We hope to see you around!

/ Astrid, Hannah, Kathrine, Eirik, Jørgen and Petter 😊

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