NO #2 – Great week with projects, cramps & party

The 6 interns were very excited and nervous to start with, but that all vanished during their first week which turned out great - despite cramps ...

By Petter & Eirik

We have now completed the first week of our Summer Internship at Nordea Markets’ Oslo office – and what a great week it has been! It is fair to say that we were all very excited and a bit nervous when we woke up Monday morning and went off to begin our summer internship at the trading floor. However, after a warm welcome from Jon Birger Tysnes and Martin Christensen the nervousness went away relatively quick.

From left: Eirik, Jørgen, Kathrine, Hannah and Astrid.

After an introduction to Nordea’s organisational structure, we were taken to the trading floor and shown to our new desks. We were all impressed by the three computer-screens that we got – and some IT-support-calls later we were all up and running and ready to start working on our first projects.

Our new colleagues for the summer have welcomed us with open arms and have invited us to various morning meetings and lunches, which we have enjoyed very much. Our first week has been filled with social happenings. We were invited to Nordea Markets’ summer party which was an excellent arena to socialise with our new colleagues for the summer. We met with people from different areas of the Markets division, and it was interesting to have informal talks about their work. As the party took place only two days after we began our summer internship, it was fun to spend time with the other interns outside the office and thus got to know them better.

Sore muscles, Summer Academy and drinks

On Tuesday, we played floorball against Nordea professionals (which apparently is an agelong tradition), and we were all surprised about how exhausting it was. I am being honest when I say that we all got very sore muscles, and some of us even got leg cramps. Despite the “pain”, it was very fun to play and a great way to meet new people in Nordea in an informal environment. We are already looking forward to next session!

Later in week, we attended the first session of “Summer Academy”. Summer Academy is an educational and social program for interns and graduates in Nordea, where we learn about different areas of the Markets division each week. This week’s lecture was related to sustainability in finance, with a focus on ESG and its increased ‘popularity’ within the financial industry. After the session, we then went out to grab a few drinks and had a good time.

Our first week of the internship has been very fun and interesting, and we are all looking forward to the coming weeks!

/ Petter & Eirik

If you missed the first blog from the six interns, you can read it here “Warm welcome to our summer interns in Oslo“. You can also follow our current summer interns in Stockholm and the FFPs in Helsinki.

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