Nordea Markets Spring Week 2016, part 2

The interns during spring week 2016 got to visit the corporate finance unit at Nordea, Investment Banking Advisory among several departments.

On Wednesday, we were given the opportunity to visit the corporate finance unit at Nordea, Investment Banking Advisory. The day started with a presentation about the department, during which we learned the dynamics of corporate finance. Our presenter had worked within banking for many years and at several different firms so it was great to hear him speak about the industry and answer our questions. Later on, we received a detailed walk through of an actual deal that took place at the end of last year. We gained further insight in all the different processes of a deal, which was truly inspiring and nothing we never really get to learn in school.

After lunch we got to listen to two interns who are about to finish their 20 week spring internship at Advisory. The presentation was based on our questions which made it both interesting and relevant for the audience. Later on during the afternoon, we were divided into two groups and put through the test of a case study. We were given two hours to answer five questions and to prepare a presentation, which tested us on our valuation, financial analytics and problem solving skills. Following a 15 minute presentation, there was a Q&A regarding the case. We found this interactive exercise educative and it helped us gain a deeper understanding of what it means to work within the Advisory unit.

On Thursday, focus switched to the other investment banking division within Nordea, namely DCM (Debt Capital Markets). We met with representatives from the different teams and learned more about the range of different tasks they work with. As the debt side of a balance sheet is not a highly discussed topic during our studies at university, it was truly helpful to learn more about DCM.

During the afternoon we solved the same case as on Wednesday, however with a debt perspective. We all thought it was fun to do the same case with different questions and it helped us gain insight in how they work within DCM. The case was solved in groups of four and presented for several professionals from Nordea.

Friday morning, and the last day of an intense week, started with a presentation from an assistant sales manager, who gave us a thoroughly overview of the different components of institutional sales. We then continued on the theme of sales and did a real case on the challenges and future of Nordea’s digital portal Nexus, which is where customers can buy and sell currencies. After the case presentation we had the privilege of having lunch in an informal environment with many of the directors and heads of different departments in Nordea that we had visited during the week.

As the Spring Week is coming to an end we are going to end it with an after work and a table tennis tournament with the lovely people at Nordea.

We are very grateful for this week and can highly recommend anyone who is interested in finance and working in a bank to apply to Nordea’s Spring Week next year.

Best of luck everyone!

// Ibrahim, Victoria, Max and Edward

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