Nordea Markets Spring Week – a kick start into banking

Eight students, four different universities, one common interest – finance. Explore the divisions of Nordea Markets with a story from Spring Week.

We were given the opportunity to explore the various divisions of Nordea Markets, combining educative lectures with challenging case cracking sessions. Furthermore, we became part of the “One Nordea Team” and its inviting culture. Meeting both senior and junior professionals gave us a broad insight of Nordea Markets’ entire organization.

We started off the week with an introduction to Nordea Markets. Later on, we went to the FICC division where we were given a lecture on structured products. We continued with lunch where we got to meet Joachim Andersson and Harald Ström (Advisory), Rolf Andersch, and Povl Bak-Jensen (DCM) as well as Sofia Håkansson and Fredrik Floric (FICC). We were all very positively surprised that we got the chance to meet such senior professionals right away. The second day we were given a presentation each of structured products and macro research. By the end of the day, we were given a case – to create a structured product and write a macro analysis. We presented our cases and got feedback.

On Wednesday Carl Wennerstein (Leveraged Finance) gave us a crash course in leveraged finance. Martin Stolt contributed with his vision of corporate debt. We had lunch with the interns at DCM and got their view of the division. Later on Mari Rhenman (Non-Investment Grade) discussed different credit ratings and how they affect the companies. This was followed by an interesting case involving a real-life inspired LBO model.

First thing Thursday morning we got an in-depth presentation of what advisory actually does, which surprisingly differs from what we have learnt in school. The presentation was held by Joachim Andersson (Advisory) who also gave very honest and personal answers to the questions we asked – regardless of their level. He came across as an open-hearted and sincere person with great passion for his job. After being invited to lunch at the Michelin star restaurant Berns Asiatiska, it was time for another case study. Thursday’s case involved different valuation techniques and what to consider when pitching a possible acquisition target to a private equity firm.

As we all know, time flies when you have fun, and we’ve now arrived at our last day and we returned back to the FICC and the trading floor to delve deeper into FX and derivatives. We learned a lot about corporate exposure to FX by Jenny Hagberg and Predrag Savinovic as well as interest rate risks by Adam Linden. It was an intense day where we had to combine lunch with solving a case; maybe this is everyday business for the people at the trading floor?

To summarize the week, it’s fair to say that we all grown in many senses. We’ve gone from curious to aimful, and we will all definitely pursue a further career within finance – and if you’re asking us, hopefully at Nordea Markets.

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