Nordea Markets volunteers help young entrepreneurs grow their business

What a buzz - as Markets employees enjoyed their Saturday in inspirational company with young entrepreneurs, seeking advice from our specialists.

More than 50 Nordea Markets employees went in to the Nordea headquarters in Helsinki this weekend – ready, set and excited to meet and greet, host and coach the stream of young guests flocking into the lobby.

It’s not custom, though, to work on Saturdays at Nordea, but this wasn’t a ‘normal’ day at work. This was one of the special charity events Nordea hosts, and in this case the many Markets employees had volunteered to organise a so-called Nordea Business Race activity for around 80 young entrepreneurs and high school students just as set and eager to discuss business plans and opportunities with the attentive Markets people.

“It’s amazing to see what the spirit of community engagement can do – for everyone involved; for these young people who seek our advice as well us for us volunteers sharing our expertise and advice,” said Tuomo Lehtovaara, Country Executive of Nordea Markets Finland.

“You feel like you are a part of this bigger community, where students, teachers, young entrepreneurs and us business professionals work together for a common goal – helping our future generations achieve their visions and fulfilling their dreams. It’s a win-win,“ Tuomo concluded.

Tuomo (photo, left) had the pleasure of meeting and leading a group of young 4H teenage entrepreneurs with their own bakery business, and they sought Tuomo’s advice on various financial aspects as start-up.

Small effort, big impact

The Business Race event was hosted in collaboration with 4H, an organisation which among others encourages young people to start up projects and supports them when taken their first steps as entrepreneurs.

Some of the youngsters at the event were in the process of taking their first steps while others had jumped in to it, and as such the young guests had a large variety of interesting questions – and plenty opportunities to get answers and advice. The event included different workshops ranging from increasing financial skills, growing your business and learning how to invest. The youngsters were divided into small groups, each led by a Nordea Markets employee.

“It was very rewarding to see, that the small amount of time we spent of our weekend volunteering, seemingly meant so much for the young attending entrepreneurs,” said Olli Kärkkäinen, Economist at Nordea Markets.

Economist Olli Kärkkäinen (middle) enjoyed the day with the two brothers; Aaro (left) and Veikka Määttä (right). If you would like to follow the brothers’ endeavours, you can follow them on Instagram @veljeksetavuksi.

In the picture, Olli is flanked by the two brothers, Veikka and Aaro Määttä, who run their own “Brothers for Help” company. The company offers various gardening work for private households, and they’ve got quite a celebrity among their private customers, namely the President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö.

“We learnt so many new things at the workshop today, especially about investing and it was nice to explore and discuss ideas about how to grow our business with the Markets people like Olli, here in the different workshops,” said Veikka, who’s also actively involved in the 4H organisation.

Contribute to a cause you care about

In three consecutive years, Nordea Markets Finland has organised a Saturday Volunteer Day, where Markets staff spend their day helping our community for the greater good. At previous Volunteer Day events we’ve helped elderly people offering them our expertise in regards to digital banking and we’ve visited a school and taught school kids about economics.

We are proud to say that at Nordea, employees are encouraged to take part in a Volunteer Day, and as such they can during one working year spend a full working day to make a difference to society and help an organisation of choice.

Nordea Markets volunteers at Nordea Business Race 2019 organised together with 4H in Helsinki.

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