The scariest people!

Summer interns at Nordea Markets in Norway have just finished their final presentation in front of "Nordea's scariest people"

The feeling is bitter-sweet. This is our final blog post, and when you read this we are no longer Summer Interns at Nordea Markets.

We have just finished our final presentation in front of Nordea’s scariest people – the leaders. The presentation was a summary of our summer at Nordea, and we would like to share some of its content with you as well.

We have been four interns stationed at Nordea Markets in Norway: Anders, Asbjørn, Christopher Robin and Josefine. From the first day we have worked together in groups of two:

Christopher Robin and Josefine have primarily worked on a new tool for debt portfolio analysis, and next to this they have contributed to the morning reports.

Anders and Asbjørn have worked mostly on two projects, one regarding FX options strategies and a benchmark analysis. All of us have had projects that required an extensive programming knowledge which is something we consider a great takeaway for our future career.

During our 8 weeks at Nordea Markets, we have been given a great insight to what its like working on a trading floor. Our tasks and challenges have required learning on different parts of the market operation and given us insights in the many different markets, products and strategies used.

We are all four grateful for a fantastic summer where we have gotten remarkable experience, and we are convinced that Nordea Markets is a great place to start and develop an exciting career.

Thanks 😉

Josefine, Christopher Robin, Asbjørn & Anders

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