Nova Forum 2016: A great success

They came, they saw, they mingled and team-worked – and some might even have found their future employer or employee. We’re at Nova Forum 2016, hosted by EY together with Nordea Markets FICC. 

The participating companies each had two workshops which the students attended according to their wishes. During the workshops, the companies got a chance to evaluate the students and vice versa. How did it go – any perfect matches? Well, according to the feedback from the event –  which besides workshops included networking, nominations for Best XX and concluded by dinner with table hopping – Nova Forum 2016 was a great success.

We’ve asked some of the participating students about their experiences of the day – and here are their thoughts of the events – in the students’ own words:

jeldrik-gerhardcrop140x170      Foto: Marcus Kästner - audimax Medien      peter-labuszcrop140x170
Jeldrik Gerhard                    Charlotte Klausen                 Peter Labusz

Jeldrik Gerhard (winner of the Best Leader award):
Q: Why did you sign up for the Nova Forum event?
A: I went to Nova because I wanted to interact with companies and people who burn for their job and their company, and who seek to not just cruise along but stand out due to their excellence in their field and industry.

Charlotte Klausen (winner of the Best Team Player award):
Q: Was there anything that surprised you?
A: Before joining the workshop, I already had a professional impression of Nordea Markets, which did not change after the event. Being the biggest Nordic bank, I did not expect Nordea to be that international in terms of being exposed to more than just the Nordic countries.

Peter Labusz (winner of the Best Idea award):
Q: What was your overall impression of the event?
A: I can easily say that the event by far exceeded my expectations. Although you could sense people were ambitious and highly motivated, the atmosphere was very relaxed. The attendants seemed genuiely interested in getting to know people across educations and industries. The panel debate gave a bit generic answers – “What do you look for in an applicant?” – but once you talked to the different representatives in a more private setting, you got a much better impression of how the company really is.

Based on their overall impression of Nordea Markets, the participating students conclude:

Jeldrik: “In summary, I’d say the Nordea Markets team did great. Time is the most valuable resource we possess as individuals, and I look forward to invest it into connecting even closer with Nordea Markets.”

Charlotte: “To sum it up, I am very interested in a career at Nordea Markets because of the professional employees in this very fast-paced environment while the development of each employee is important as well.”

Peter: “Nordea Markets left me with the best impression of the companies I talked to. I had a basic idea that the working environment can be quite hard with long days, so it was nice to see happy employees that seemed proud of their jobs.”

And at Nordea Markets, we too enjoyed the event and consider it a great success – and so, we look forward to Nova Forum 2017, and to meeting more new talents.

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