Nova Forum and CBS Career Fair in Copenhagen

At Nordea Markets FICC Denmark it is important that potential future colleagues get a good feeling of how it is to work in Markets - NOVA Forum 2015

At Nordea Markets FICC Denmark it is important that potential future colleagues get a good feeling of how it is to work in Markets, what kind of tasks we have, how the culture is and the atmosphere in Markets.

To illustrate that, we participated in Nova Forum and at CBS Career Fair last week.


Tuesday we participated in Nova Forum hosted by Rambøll. Here we held a workshop, where we met 15 young and skilled talents. We wanted to challenge and provide them, with a sense of how a workday in Nordea Markets can look like. So for this event we had brought a puzzle, which would challenge thinking skills, call to actions and team work. As we might use this puzzle again we can’t reveal the tricks But we can tell that the reflections from the participants were great. Find some of the quotes below:

Challenging and fun

Good way of showing the atmosphere in Markets

Great illustration of the importance of communication

Give a feeling of the pace in Markets


We also participated together with Nordea group at the CBS Career Fair 2015. As another way of illustrating the Markets spirit, we held a competition with three riddles, where the price was a visit to the Nordea Markets trading floor in Copenhagen and meet members of the management team.

The riddles were of logical character, with take-off in our actual recruitment test and they were the following:

RIDDLE 1: The cube and the beetle:

A beetle is sitting in one corner of a cubic room. The south floor corner.  It now walks to the opposite corner, the ceiling north corner, walking on walls and floor/ceiling. The height of the room, and the sides are all 1 m.

What is the shortest distance the beetle can walk?

RIDDLE 2: The race car

A racetrack is 1 kilometer long. A car travels one round, going 30 km/h.

How fast does the car need to go on the second round, for the average speed of the two rounds to be 60 km/h?

RIDDLE 3: The Bee:

A bee is flying from nose to nose of two people walking towards each other. The two people were initially 1 km apart. Person A walks 4 km/h. Person B walks 6 km/h. The Bee flies 10 km/h. When it reaches one person’s nose, it instantly turns around and flies to opposite direction, towards the other person, going back and forth continuously.

How far does the bee fly, before the two persons meet each other?

You find the answers in the bottom in this post 🙂

We got more than 40 responses and we have selected the 3 winners, providing the right results, and invited them to Nordea Markets.

All in all, the two events were huge successes, and attracted lots of interest from the attendees and hopefully gave a feeling of the work environment in Nordea Markets.

Thanks to all of you who participated in either Nova Forum or visited us at CBS Career Fair and participated in the competition and don’t forget to follow Nordea Markets on Linkedin and Twitter.

Looking forward to meeting you on one of our future events.

[toggle title=”Solutions to the riddles” state=”close” ]RIDDLE 1: The shortest distance will be to cross the floor from the South floor corner towards the middle of the back wall and then from that point crossing the back wall towards the ceiling North corner. Using Pythagoras two times the shortest distance is 2.24 or √5

RIDDLE 2: It takes 2 minutes to compete the first round with 30 km/h. 2 rounds of 2 km with 60 km/h will also take 2 minutes. Hence the car need to drive with infinite speed to complete the two rounds with 60 km/h.

RIDDLE 3: Person A can walk 400 m in 6 minutes and Person B can walk 600 m in 6 minutes, hence they will meet each other after 6 minutes. The bee can fly 1 km in 6 minutes why the answer is that the bee will fly 1 km. [/toggle]

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