One of the best places to start a career in finance

Get to meet our two other summer inters; Asbjørn and Anders who are welcomed to Markets in Oslo.

We assume you’ve “met” Josefine and Christopher whom we introduced you to  in the blog: “The summer internship in Nordea is unique because …”! Now, you get to meet our two other summer interns; Asbjørn and Anders whom we look forward to welcoming to Markets in Oslo this week.

As with Josefine and Christopher, we’ve asked Asbjørn and Anders to tell us a little about themselves and their motivation for attending the summer internship. Read their answers – and stay tuned and get to know what life is like as summer intern in Nordea Markets – as the interns will keep you posted here, throughout the summer. For starters meet Asbjørn:

AsbjørnCroppedAsbjørn Thiis-Evensen

Why did you apply to Nordea Markets’ Summer Internship?
I applied for a Summer Internship in Nordea Markets because Nordea is one of the leading banks in Scandinavia with a reputation for having one of the best Internship programs for business students. My impression of Nordea so far in my studies is that it is one of the best places to start a career in finance.

Which business area(s) interests you the most?
At the moment there isn’t one particular business area that interests me more than others.  There are so many interesting business areas and I am looking forward to learning more about them all during the Internship.

What are you especially excited about – hope for?
A Summer Internship in Nordea Markets is a fantastic opportunity to get real business experience. I am looking forward to learn from the best in the business and to experience the life in an investment bank. I hope that the internship will give me a better understanding of finance and Nordea as a potential employer.

AndersCroppedAnders L. Bjørnsen

Why did you apply to Nordea Markets’ Summer Internship?
For several years I have had an increasing fascination for financial markets and a desire to really understand how they work. The best way to learn about the markets is to have a job closely connected to everyday market movements. An internship in Nordea Markets FICC is a great way to experience what this kind of job is like, and increase my knowledge of the subject along the way. Nordea is globally recognized as a leading financial institution and therefore represents opportunities beyond what many other Scandinavian counterparts can offer.  Graduating the internship program with a good performance and hopefully many new valuable contacts is also of great importance for my future career and studies.

Which business area(s) interests you the most?
I find all financial markets very fascinating as they all have their own distinctive characteristics. However, I have through my studies and hobbies developed a specific interest for the forex market. The FX market is the most liquid and biggest financial market in the world. A currency can in many ways be viewed to represent the entire countries economic strength. Hereunder falls all other financial markets and events that could shift the countries competitive position, and every single week there are several important macroeconomic events, determining the direction of currency pairs.  Derivatives are also increasingly important both for hedging and speculation in the FX markets, and one of my favourite subjects in finance. I therefore find the dynamics and complexity of the currency market, making it into the most interesting market in the world.

What are you especially excited about – hope for?
I am especially excited about finally experiencing what I have been working towards for the last 4 years; what it’s like working in a proper markets department. I am extremely excited to finally be a part of a trading floor and working together with professional traders and analysts who have been in the industry for years. When I finish my studies I want to pursue a career in trading, and working together and learning from some of the best traders in Scandinavia is an invaluable resource to help me achieve this goal. I hope and expect that during the summer I will further extend my knowledge and understanding of real world financial markets.

Stay tuned, and hear about the four interns’ “new” life in Nordea Markets during the next weeks. Coming up is our Summer Academy which Josefine, Christopher, Asbjørn and Anders will attend and let you in on the event.

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