One of many reasons why being a student at Nordea rocks!

It is not hard to find examples of why being a student at Nordea rocks – here are my impressions and top experiences from my 19 months with the bank.

By Kristian Dam Mortensen, student at Nordea, Wholesale Banking Marketing.

My name is Kristian, and I’ve spent 19 months at Nordea Markets. There are many reasons as to why I think it rocks to be a student employee at Nordea. In this blog I’ll give you a couple of examples – and let you in on a rather special event which I recently attended.

This event is just one of the many student and graduate events I’ve joined and written about during my time at Nordea. To give you an example of such an event, it could be the eye opening and quite insightful investment seminar. On top of great learnings, I always go home from these events filled with ideas and energy, and happy to have met more new co-working students adding on connections to my network.

And that also goes for this particular event which, as mentioned, is a bit special to me – since it’s my very last student event organised by the Nordea Student Network.

The event was a yearly dinner tradition for Danish based student employees, and this years’ event marked the biggest event in the student network’s history. Around 100 students attended at the traditional event at Nordea’s headquarters at Metro in Copenhagen.


Insightful presentations from senior profiles

The board of Nordea Student Network works relentlessly to invite strong and inspiring speakers.

At the recent annual dinner, we had the pleasure of having Mads Skovlunde, Head of Personal Banking Denmark, to kick off the event.

Mads shared his story from being a student at Nordea to becoming Head of Personal Banking in Denmark. To hear Mads tell about his journey and experiences at Nordea was a great inspiration.

If I should pick one take-away from Mads’ presentation, it would be his emphasis on having a personal statement instead of a career plan.

One’s personal statement should function as a vision for both one’s professional and private life. As Mads explained, to him it meant that he could allow himself to go with the flow, follow his passion and always strive to achieve his best. I found that statement really inspiring.

Nordea becomes more than just a work place

Nordea Student Network consists of around 800 student employees from Denmark. It is a small organisation within Nordea led by a board of students who voluntarily organise professional, career-related and social events.

The Student Network makes it possible for students to create a feeling of tailored and personal events for each individual student. The network’s main goal is to create a friendly and welcoming environment for students and facilitate networking across departments and locations in Nordea Denmark. Having experienced their events first hand, I feel they clearly meet this goal – and I surely have met many ‘new’ fellow students at these occasions.

One of them is Thomas Roberts, student at Nordea Information Management, Analytics (and soon-to-be-graduated student). I asked him about his view on the Student Network:

“It’s very refreshing to meet up with people who are in the same boat as I am with balancing studies, work, and social life. Nordea is such a large company that you will probably never connect with everyone in the bank, or even within your own department. The Annual Dinner is therefore a fantastic opportunity to bridge the gap between areas of the bank and connect with people that you may otherwise never meet.”

Even though Thomas and I come from very different backgrounds – Thomas in IT  and I in marketing – we still found common ground and topics of interest, such as Big Data and trading.

Thomas expressed his excitement about the networking that takes place at the annual dinner: “It’s exciting to get to know people from completely different backgrounds and meet people that I share a lot of interests with. I’ve even met someone who is studying the same degree at my same university but a couple of semesters behind – small world!”

All good things come to an end

I know exactly what Thomas is talking about – I’ve had the same experience. So, this kind of events that Nordea establishes and supports all the way, are not only great ways for young talents to get insight to the world of finace they also offer great opportunities to grow, develop your skills and build a solid network.

Personally, I’ve certainly achieved all of the above during my time at Nordea, attending and covering the Student and Graduate networks, participating in Nordea Case Competitions – and while working at Nordea Markets. I’ve learned so much. But now, my time as a student at Nordea Markets is coming to an end as I’m about to finish my Masters. I’m going to miss working here, that’s for sure. But who knows, I might come back – it’s a great place to work and there are so many opportunities for you to develop as an individual and professionally.

If you want to know about student and graduate life at Nordea and hear more about why it rocks – have a look around our career blogs.

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