Our summer internship at Nordea Markets Stockholm

"This summer has been so much more than we could have ever imagined!", Gustaf and Viktoria share their experience from their summer internship.

There was really little way of knowing what this internship would contain when we walked into the main doors at Nordea in the beginning of June. Eight weeks later we can only conclude that this summer has been so much more than we could have ever imagined!

An intense summer has come to an end – two months passed by surprisingly fast, and in a week it is time to go back to school again to finish our degrees. We are Gustaf Callert and Viktoria Olesen, this year’s summer interns at Nordea Markets FICC in Stockholm. Both of us are about to start our fifth year at university, Gustaf at KTH studying mathematics within the financial discipline and Viktoria at Stockholm University studying financial economics.

The summer has been filled with invaluable experiences in a vibrant and inspiring environment, together with the best professionals in the Nordic region. Replacing the trading floor with a lecture hall feels daunting for now and the both of us will miss the pulsating vibe that Markets and FICC offers.

The internship covered eight desks during eight challenging weeks, in terms of information and constantly being thrown in new environments. Each Monday morning started brief introduction to the desk at which we would spend the coming week. We were also handed a case which was in line with the daily operations of that specific desk. During the coming days we spent the majority of our time talking to people on the floor trying to get a grasp on the subject, asking all sorts of questions of both theoretical and personal character. Fridays were always both exciting and a bit nerve wrecking. In the afternoon, one of the conference rooms filled up with traders, analysts, and sales managers and we presented our findings.  It was exhilarating to present a week’s worth of work for a group of highly professional people.

At half time, the first FICC Nordic Case Competition took place. We were divided into Cross-Nordic teams and handed a case to solve during a week. The challenge was to help a company with their risk management, both in terms of currency risk, interest rate risk and asset allocation.  This was a challenge in two ways; both of course in solving the case and in coordinating our work Cross-Nordic. We used video conference, Lync and Skype to interact and work on the case. We think the outcome was very successful and it was fun to work with people with different backgrounds!

It is safe to say that we have definitely got a crash course in how the Swedish financial market works. Furthermore we have had the opportunity to improve our presentation skills –both the personal aspect of it as well as the visual part, and of course develop our problem-solving skills.

If we were to give one advice to future interns it would be to really capture each day. Take advantage of the huge competence available next to you and be inquisitive! If you are eager and want to learn, there is absolutely no limit to how much this internship and Nordea has to offer!

– Gustaf and Viktoria

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