Ready for a new and exciting 2020? We are – stay tuned

We are excited to head on into an eventful year with you here on our Career blog. Coming up are many more career stories and news about job openings.

Welcome to a new year on our Career blog. A new year with plentiful of opportunities, inspiration and learnings in store – if you keep your eyes open! And when it comes to shaping your career; viewing and weighing your aspirations and job options, we’ll help widening your scope with eye-opening articles and videos. Heading on in to 2020, we yet again look forward to introducing you to many more exciting career events and deep-dive into the work life and job opportunities at Markets.

A new year also means new aspirants joining the Markets family as graduates, interns and students. Stay in the loop with us on the Career page where you can read our regular and rather popular blogs and vlogs, and find inspiration to your next career move, and keep up to speed on job opportunities at Markets.

Coming up is a new blog series featuring some of our graduates who kick-started their career with us in the summer 2019. During the next months, they will share their experiences, challenges, fun facts and successes at work, in several articles and videos. But firstly, let’s take a re-cap!

Graduates on a roll

Did you know that 19 eager graduates joined Markets this summer? We caught up with some of them at the very beginning of the graduate programme, and below you can read some of their profiles, initial thoughts and career ambitions. You’ll get to know many of them much closer in the coming months where we’ll catch up with them in various blogs and vlogs.















Spring and Summer time calls for interns and FFPs

First in line, we are excited to welcome students to our Spring Weeks in Stockholm. Then during the summer and autumn, we also have interns working at the Markets’ offices in Oslo and Stockholm. In Helsinki, we bid students welcome to our 5 months’ long Future Finance Programme (FFP). This year, we will – as always – make sure to keep you updated on job applications dates, and take you along on the interns’ exciting journeys in Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki. Here are some stories and videos from previous interns and FFPs.




























Students kick-start their career here

Going full circle on our various career programmes for juniors in Markets, let’s zoom in on the student life at Markets. Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait until you are done with your studies to join Markets. In the coming months, we will introduce you to two Marketing students in Markets, Sara and Kathrine, who – among many other things – contribute to the creation of content on this site. In the mean time, read some of our previous blogs displaying what life as a student at Markets is all about.















Finally, look out for the first round of inspirational blogs featuring the graduates’ lives behind the scenes at the Markets Trading floors.

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