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Get to know some of the many units and amazing people in Nordea Markets. Meet Aldo Maillot - Senior Risk Analyst in Risk Advisory.

We are continuing our interviews with the people in Nordea Markets, showing you some of the exciting units we offer opportunities within. This week’s interview is with Aldo Maillot, Senior Risk Analyst in Risk Advisory.

What is your background and for how long have you worked in Risk Advisory?

I started in Risk Advisory Norway in May of this year. Before that, I have held various finance positions in the fields of financial analysis and risk management within banking-, retail- and oil industries.

What is your team’s role in Nordea Markets?

Our primary role is to support our corporate customers in identifying and managing their risks related to currency, interest rate and commodity. In practice, this is done via conducting risk analyses based on the customer’s business inputs where I always try to keep a pragmatic and business oriented focus that will “talk” to the customer.

Another important function is to assist our customers in defining an optimal risk management policy that will fit their business model and help them reach their strategic company objectives in an efficient way.

How do you and the dealers work together towards our customers?

My interaction with the sales team is key. Sales managers usually have a long relationship with their customers and thus a good understanding of their hedging patterns and general risk profile – and that is always important information to integrate at the first stage of our Risk Advisory approach. In a second stage, the analyses that we are doing in Risk Advisory can also help uncover new risk dimensions that were not considered so far, and thus bring direct value for the customers by improving the quality of their contact with our sales team.

What motivates you in Nordea Markets?

I really like crunching numbers as well as using my mathematical- and programming skills to design financial models that will help me being more efficient in my analytical work. In that sense, Nordea Markets is the ideal place to express this interest while doing it in a useful way for our customers and/or for helping my colleagues. Besides, I really appreciate the excitement that surrounds the trading and sales floors, the general dedication of my coworkers for their work and to put in long hours when needed, as well as the regular interaction with customers which enables me to see the outcome of my analyses for them.


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