Running with Markets was “awesome” – a career boost …

Counting down to sign-up for the FFP 2020 program, we invited female students to a sporty event. What a boost!

Autumn means the end of yet another successful Future Finance Professional (FFP) program, and the beginning of a new FFP era. As we’re warming up for the FFP 2020, we organised an energetic, sporty networking event for female students interested in finance.

This fully booked sporty event kicked off at the Eläintarha sport field. Here, 11 excited female students, all fittingly dressed in proper running gear, were welcomed by a couple of Nordea people and a professional running trainer, set to coach each of them in running and training techniques.


After the training – all warmed up and hearts pumping – the participants went to test the exercises in practice, and set off on a 6 kilometers’ long run in the cool autumn weather – heading for the sauna facilities.

It was such an awesome concept!
Running school was a good start to the evening
and worked as an icebreaker.
~ a student said

Finishing the jog and after getting their breaths back, Chief Economist Tuuli Koivu, joined the students and as they enjoyed recovery drinks, Tuuli gave an overview of the economic outlook. The evening continued in a relaxed setting with a sauna treat and buzzing networking with fellow students and four Nordea Markets hosts.

Saija Savolainen from Markets’ FX Sales & Distribution, commented on the evening and the positive feedback they received from the students:

“Many young women have strong perceptions of the financial market and what the work is like – and we wanted to challenge and revise the misconception of the financial market being a tough and very challenging work place. The participants praised the informal settings of the entire event, enabling them to get a much more in-depth view of what the everyday work life is really like at Nordea Markets. They got the opportunity to ask all sorts of questions – which they did. So it was a rewarding experience and altogether a great evening, for all of us, I think”.

Valuable tips for job interviews

During the evening, the attending Markets people also shared a lot of tips – DOs and DON’Ts – on how to stand out at a FFP job interview.

“The most important thing is to be yourself. Don’t try to fit in and pretend that you’re someone else – be honest and curious. In addition, a genuine interest in the financial markets is required. However, you surely don’t have to be a set professional with extensive work experience, because that is what you’ll learn and become here during the FFP program,” advised Jessica Sandell from the International Rates team.

A really nice and fresh idea for an event. First active event I’ve attended, and I really felt welcomed.
~ a student commented

When joining the FFP program, all the theory you’ve learned in school, you will be able to practice here under guidance and with support from some of the most esteemed financial professionals. So, why not start your career here? We warmly encourage female students (along with male students, of course) who are passionate about the financial industry, to apply!

The entire evening was wonderful!
Running school was a great opportunity to learn new running techniques and to meet possible new colleagues.

The event was relaxed and encouraged me
to apply for the FFP program at Nordea.
~ a student concluded

The application period for the Future Finance Professional program runs from 14th October to 3rd November 2019. Meanwhile, stay tuned – and when the time comes, don’t hesitate, apply and come join us.

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