NO #5: Sad to leave, yet happy for an unique experience and new friendships

As our time as summer interns at Nordea Markets/LC&I in Norway is coming to an end, the feeling of sadness crops up; we’re sad to leave, but at the same time very happy and thankful for the valuable experience we've had and the new friendships we've made during our internship. It's been GREAT in so many ways!

By Peder, Martine, Eirin, VetleSigne and Ari

We’ve learned so much, thanks to the great, super skilled and helpful people who have spent time on sharing their expertise knowledge with us, and also joined us for after work drinks and dinners. Most recently, one of our sponsors, Sander Lie, analyst at Equity Research, took us out for a dinner in the sun (photo) to celebrate the successful weeks we’ve had here.

From left: Peder, Martine, Eirin, Signe, Vetle and Ari.

So, what have we been doing since our last blog – well, here goes:

By Ari & Martine – Macro, Research & Risk Solutions

Last week, we worked on a macro project for Research & Risk solutions. Our task was to investigate the drivers behind the NOK currency, and to gain a better insight into how the different factors affect the currency.

We dived into a large dataset which has an aggregated overview of all NOK related FX transactions the last years. We made a script which analyses the data and produces relevant descriptive data that can be an indication of changes in exchange rates.

This have been an interesting and challenging project which has been highly relevant to understand the drivers of the Norwegian economy. I, Martine has moved on to a new project with Debt Capital Markets (DCM), while I, Ari will start automatising this project further.

By Vetle & Signe – Credit Sales

We rotated into the Credit Sales division and got thrown into a project with the objective to compare companies based on their credit quality, and thereafter decide which of the bonds within the companies that were most attractive.

Vetle and Signe discussing a company’s credit quality for their project for Credit Sales.

That said, we both had to put everything we’ve learned about valuation at university aside, as the credit market really is something else. We’ve still got a bit of time left to gain further insight into the credit market – so far, we’ve already learned a lot within this area as we experience a steep learning curve on a daily basis.

By Eirin and Peder – Financial Institutions Group

Last week, we started on a new project for Financial Institutions Group (FIG) in the Large Corporate & Institutions (LC&I) organisation. Our assignment was to map and analyse which FIG costumers could be potential targets for Nordea Liv (pension).

Peder and Eirin having fun while working on an exciting project for FIG/Nordea Liv.

Moving towards the end of our internship, I (Peder) will continue working on this project, formulating a strategy and a strategic sales pitch towards potential new pension costumers. I (Eirin) am moving on to another project; assisting Sustainable Finance Advisory.

While our time as Summer Interns is running out, we are sad for it to end. At the same time, we are also happy to have had such an unique experience – and thankful for getting new life-long friendships.

Thank you all for making our internship such a memorable and valuable experience.

It’s been GREAT!


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