SE #1 – Finally, we are here to learn a lot and have fun

This summer, we - three summer interns - will be spending 7 weeks at Nordea Markets' trading floor in Stockholm. And we're off to a great start!

By Madeleine, Julia and Nils

During our seven weeks’ summer internship with Nordea Markets in Stockholm, we will rotate between desks, spending one week at each desk. We will get to know the people working at the desks and learn about what they are doing.

At the beginning of each week, we will receive a case that is related to the desk’s operations. We will work on a solution for the case throughout the week in between meetings, product or operations presentations and lunches. Each Friday, we will present that week’s case for some of our colleagues at the desk.

We’ve been here one week already, and it’s been great. But more about that in our coming blog posts. For starters, we will give you a short presentation of us three summer interns.

My name is Madeleine Almqvist (24).

Education: Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), just finished my Bachelor in Business & Economics and will continue with a MSc in Accounting, Valuation and Financial Management

Why a summer internship at Nordea Markets?

I have been working within the bank sector before and found it really interesting, but I also know that there is a lot more to see and explore. During the summer I will get the chance to see more of Nordea Markets and develop an understanding for different areas and financial products.

I expect to learn a lot and hopefully find out which part of a bank that will be the best fit for me.

Why finance?

I find business, politics and societal question very interesting. Within finance I need to follow and consider all these things and put them into different contexts, which is what I really like about finance.

When I’m not at Nordea Markets, I like to …?

I like to visit the gym or going for a run somewhere in beautiful Stockholm. I also have an interest for horses and used to spend a lot of time in the stable when I was younger. I also like to cook and hang out with my friends.

A goal?

My goal is to have a career with the possibility to practice leadership. I heard that the Nordea CEO position will be available next year … 😉!


My name is Julia Blomstergren (23)

Education: Just finished my third year at Stockholm School of Economics. Going back this fall to enrol in the MSc programme in Economics.

Why a summer internship at Nordea Markets?

I heard about this internship from a friend at school. I thought it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get insight into large parts of Nordea Markets, which sounded intriguing to me since I have no previous experience of working in the bank sector.

Going into this internship, I expect to learn a lot about the practical applications of what I have learned in Finance courses. In August I will hopefully have a clearer picture of what it would be like to pursue a career within Finance in general and at Nordea Markets in particular.

Why finance?

I am especially interested in the research aspects of Finance, however I hope that my summer at Nordea Markets will open my eyes to other aspects of Finance as well.

When I’m not at Nordea Markets, I like to …?

I like travelling, exercising and eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

A goal?

Learn to play the piano.


My name is Nils Billgert (24).

Education: I just finished the first year of my MSc in Economics at Lund University School of Economics and Management.

Why a summer internship at Nordea Markets?

Nordea has for a long time been among my top choices of potential employers, so when I heard that the finance student union, LINC, arranged a pitching competition in cooperation with Nordea, I jumped at the opportunity and managed to advance into the final round. Talking to the Nordea representatives afterwards, I was introduced to the internship and it seemed like the perfect way to gain both insight and experience into all kinds of different roles at Nordea Markets.

I have high expectations for this summer, I especially want to learn more about the how the markets work, what role(s) it is that banks play in the markets, and of course make connections.

Why finance?

I am fascinated by world events, politics and business. Finance is great because it combines these areas. Working at Markets in particular, you are the first to know and the first to act when things happen, and the work you do every day is directly dependent on the outcome of these events.

When I’m not at Nordea Markets, I like to …?

I have a great interest in music, so whenever I have time I try to spend it on either listening or performing.

A goal?

A personal goal of mine is to play the guitar and/or perform vocals in a band in front of 100+ people. I just have to start a band first …!

That was all from us for now. Talk to you later!

Madeleine, Julia &, Nils

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