SE #2 – Three busy weeks, three new desks & loads of learning

Three weeks in to their internship, Julia, Madeleine & Nils invite us behind the ‘scenes’ at the trading floor to show & tell about their everyday.

Madeleine, Julia and Nils tell us about their last three weeks as interns.

What a rush! We have now spent three weeks at Nordea Markets’ trading floor in Stockholm, and it has been – it is – a fantastic experience. So far, we have been at three different desks, each of which has had their own unique characteristics with regards to financial products, the client base and in terms of day-to-day tasks.

Areas we have been introduced to:

  • Investment Sales: Equity and Credit sales to private banking clients.

Daily tasks: Providing customers with the latest updates as part of ongoing portfolio advice, both in person and over the phone.

  • Global Distribution: Currency risk advisory for business banking clients.

Daily tasks: Constructing, presenting and hopefully selling currency risk hedging solutions for clients.

  • Derivatives: Interest rate derivative sales to corporate and institutional banking clients.

The daily tasks: Give clients interest rate risk hedging advice, both in person and over the phone.

How we spend our days as interns

Although none of our days are identical to the next, our weekly agenda has identical structures. To let you in on what we actually do here, we will bring you along on a typical week as a summer intern at Nordea Markets, and dive into some of the highlights of our days:

The Interns’ schedule for the week.

Breakfast at the office, while listening in to the morning meeting of macroeconomic research.

We participate in meetings and are given presentations by our colleagues about the financial products that the desk works with. We learn a lot from this.

Summer interns Sweden 2019

Madeleine and Nils summer interns Sweden 2019

Working with the case of the week. Here, we apply the knowledge that we have acquired throughout the week and get a chance to try out the practical tasks of the desk using real data and, sometimes, real historical cases.

Case presentation Summer inters Sweden 2019

Presentation of our case solution for our desk colleagues. Here, we act as salesmen, selling the desk’s products. After a tough Q&A session from our colleagues who act as the client, we celebrate the end of another great week with an AW. While the case has been challenging, we feel that we have learned a lot at the end of the week.

Summer interns Sweden 2019


Three weeks down, four to go! Now it’s time for us to go back to work.

Talk to you later!

By Madeleine, Julia and Nils.


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