SE #3: Sunny lunch, successful presentation and bubbles – they’re back

After a week's vacation, kicked off with a successful presentation, suitable bubbles and more, our interns are glad to be back in business.

By Johanna Sand, Anna Hedensiö & Gabriella Sundkvist

The 3 interns enjoy a sunny lunch with one of last year’s summer interns, Gabriella Almqvist – flanked by Anna (left side) and Gabriella, with Johanna behind the camera.

On our last day before we left for vacation, we had a fun and busy Friday. We enjoyed lunch at our favorite spot in Kungsträdgåren (where you can escape most birds and the water splashes from the fountain while still getting to enjoy the sun).

Here we met up with one of last year’s summer interns, Madeleine Almqvist, who is still working at Markets. We had a great talk with Madeleine sharing her experiences as summer intern at Markets in 2019, and us listening and asking dosens of questions, which she was happy to answer.

After a really nice time chatting and enjoying lunch in the sun, time has come to head back to work and present the case of the week to the Risk Solutions desk. The case focused on hedging translation risk, important key ratios such as ND/EBITDA and taking advantage of beneficial interest rates. We received positive feedback, and hopefully some of our work will be of value for the team.

Cause for celebration

Relieved and excited about delivering a successful presentation, we decided to celebrate the end of our first period as summer interns at Nordea Markets. We agreed to do it properly, and together we went for some bubbles at Strandvägen – well earned, we think – before separating and kicking off our one week vacation.

Johanna, Anna and Gabriella at their successful presentation of the case of the week – before heading off to celebrate their achievement with well-deserved bubbles.

Back in business – from Skåne, the West Coast & Archipelago

A bit tanned and having recharged our batteries and retrieved from a week’s vacation – which we spent in different parts of Sweden; in Skåne, at the West Coast and the Archipelago – we were happy to return to Markets. All ready and set to continue our internship and climbing the steep learning curve – with one more week at the FX desk and new business cases to crack.

Back in the game at the trading floor, we were well taken care of by Anton Wågberg, a graduate at Markets, who gave us a short repetition of the FX market and operation. We were then introduced to a new business case based on our knowledge gained throughout our first week at the FX desk.

Another interesting and somewhat different week

Gabriella and Anna digging in to this week’s new FX business case.

At this point of time in the summer, the streets of Stockholm are deserted – and so is the Markets trading floor, to some extent. There are less staff at the various desks, which means that we get more time to focus on this week’s case, and opportunities to refine our PowerPoint skills! The case of the week challenged us to find interesting prospects and identity their need for FX products.

This week appears to be yet another quite interesting, and somewhat different week, as it is organised like a mini version of the internship, sized into one week, giving us a ‘markets overview’. We will spend our time on various desks such as securities finance, equity sales and research, credit sales and trading.

We couldn’t be more excited – and cant’ wait to get started.

Stay tuned to hear all about it. Meanwhile, enjoy a nice summer!

/ Johanna, Anna & Gabriella

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