SE #4 – Farewell incredible octopus, helpful border collie & friends …

7 weeks have sped by and the interns have finished their summer internship. In their final week they're in a zoologist mode - welcome to the jungle!

By Julia, Madeleine and Nils

All good things come to an end

What an amazing ride! We could not think of a better way to sum up this great summer – and ending our blogging careers – than to describe the different desks we’ve worked at with an animal. It makes sense, we promise – let’s go!

Welcome to the jungle


Investment Sales: Equity and Credit sales to private banking clients.
Hummingbird: Quick and social with investment advice as beautiful as a bird’s singing.

Distribution: Foreign exchange sales for smaller business clients.
Border Collie: Helpful, efficient and eager to guide customers safely onward through turbulent markets.

Derivatives: Interest rate derivative sales to corporate and institutional banking clients.
Sea lion: Charming, super skilled beings with great collaboration skills.

FX Sales: Foreign exchange sales for larger corporate clients.
Octopus: Fast paced, clever and capable of multi-tasking with many arms everywhere.

Macro Research: Top down, macro perspective research and analysis.
Hawk: Helicopter perspective with a sharp eye for details and future outcomes – wishing for more hawkish central banks.

Risk Solutions: In-depth analysis of interest rate and currency risk.
Dolphin: Able and ready to jump high and swim elegantly through volatile waters of complexity.

Summing up – social, intense, good fun

It’s not all hard work, at all. After-work socialising, Nils and Madeleine enjoy a boat trip with Julia, the photographer.

Madeleine’s view:

  • An experience. Over my already high expectations.
  • Informative. Every day has result in a lot of new knowledge and insights.
  • Social. I have met a lot of new people. All of them have been very friendly and eager to share their knowledge with us.

I can really recommend Nordea Market’s Summer Internship to anyone. It is a great opportunity to learn a lot, develop your network and of course have a lot of fun.

Julia’s view:

  • Intense. Every day, I’ve walked out of the office with a head full of impressions and thoughts.
  • Eye opening. I’ve been introduced to many new areas, and everyone have been super generous with sharing their knowledge and experiences.
  • Job joy. I could tell that the people here really have fun at work.

I’ve had eight great weeks at Nordea Markets and I can recommend this internship to anyone who is curious about the financial sector, no matter their level of previous experiences.

Nils’ view:

  • Social. There isn’t many parts of the Stockholm trading floor where we don’t know anyone by now. Not only have we met people in a work context but also through going out together after work.
  • Fun. I have had a lot of fun, both with colleagues and with the cases and tasks that we’ve been given.
  • Challenging. The cases and tasks we have been given have been challenging on all desks, which made solving and presenting our solution very satisfying each time.

These seven weeks at Nordea Markets have been a great experience. My expectations for the internship have been more than fulfilled. I have learned tons about many different markets, gained a great perspective of what the bank does, and I have gotten to know a lot of both go-getting and smart people.

Group picture summer interns sweden 2019

Thank you for a great experience!

/Julia, Madeleine and Nils


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