SE #4: Stepping it up in learning and pace – Quiz time!

A week rotating among various desks topped with a tricky quiz, can make one's head spin! Not Anna, Johanna and Gabriella - they had a great time!

By Anna Hedensiö, Gabriella Sundkvist & Johanna Sand

We experienced an exponential increase in both learning and pace last week, as we rotated among various desks such as Securities Finance Sales & Trading, Equity Research & Sales, Credit Research, Trading and Sales as well as FX (Foreign Exchange).

Our week kicked off at Securities Finance, where we received a tricky case in regards to identifying potential clients and provide product solutions to respective client. Before we dug into the case, the Securities Finance team presented their four major products for us. Later in the week, it was time for us to present our findings to the team – which was quite fun. Afterwards, we opened up for an interactive discussion with the team, who gave us good feedback, and we got to learn more about their products and workflow.

High paced and hectic atmosphere

Joining the Equity team was very exciting. First, we got to talk to the Research team and they told us about what they do, which was interesting to hear. Then we met with the Sales team and that was a true experience! Such high paced and hectic atmosphere was something none of us had ever experienced before. And we enjoyed it big time! Apart from learning about the team’s workflow, we got the opportunity to ‘shadow’ Dag Werner, senior equity sales manager, during a sale. It was so cool and fun to observe.

After having spent a lot of time with the FX team earlier on, they thought time had come to test our knowledge within foreign exchange. They therefore provided us with a quiz. To share some of the questions in the test, and to test your knowledge as well, we have created a mini quiz for you below – give it a go!

1. What is the daily turnover in the global FX market?

  • 100 billion
  • 75 billion
  • 5 trillion

2. Which currency is the second most traded one?

  • JPY
  • EUR
  • USD

3. Which country uses the currency CHF?

4. Which currency pair is not a “major cross”?


5. What is the name of the currency in the Philippines?

6. What is the nickname for the currency pair NZD/USD?

We ended the week in Credits, where we met up with all three teams; Research, Trading and Sales. We started off with Research, where we learned more about bonds, ratings and got insights to how they write their reports. Then it was time for Trading, where the team told us about the pricing of bonds and what mechanisms are involved and more.

Lastly, we met with the Sales team who elaborated on the difference between High Yield and Investment Grade clients, and explained how sales actually take place. It was all highly informative and interesting – and that goes for the entire week which besides being very educational was good fun too – as the previous weeks.

Talk to you next week – till then, Happy Pride.

/Anna, Johanna & Gabriella

Correct answers to the quiz: 1: 5 trillion  –  2: EUR  – 3: Switzerland  –  4: EUR/GBP  –  5: PHP (Philippine peso)  –  6: Kiwi


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