SE #6: Exciting journey coming to an end – it’s been great

Suddenly, and sadly, their internship is over. Happily, they've enjoyed it greatly. See what's been the most rewarding, exciting, surprising ...


By Gabriella, Anna and Johanna

Gabriella (top), Anna & Johanna.

People say time flies when you are having fun, and that is truly something we have experienced during our summer internship at Markets. It feels like the past seven weeks have passed by in the blink of an eye – and now suddenly, we have reached our last week of this internship.

We are very happy and thankful to get to spend these last days at the Macro Research & Strategy desk where we have done lots of different things during our time here. First of all, we have had many highly interesting discussions with several of the Macro people, who have been glad to answer our many questions and share their knowledge with us. These talks have been very rewarding for us since we have gained a much deeper understanding of inflation, rates, market dynamics in general, and so much more.

Furthermore, we also got the opportunity to help Gustav Helgesson, analyst in Research & Risk Solutions, write two morning reports. Even though it meant two really early mornings at the office, we thought it was fun and informative and gave us a truly hands-on experience – which was highly appreciated.

Similarly to previous weeks, we got a case assigned to us. The task was to examine how the productivity growth has developed and differed over time between emerging markets and advanced economies. One of the challenges in this case was to find sufficient and valid data for emerging markets.

The most rewarding, most exciting and most surprising

This internship has been an experience neither of us will ever forget. We have learned so much during the seven weeks we have spent here. To sum up, we want to share with you some of our experiences.

The most rewarding:

The opportunities to talk to a wide range of insightful employees, both juniors and seniors, at various desks. Not only have we learned a lot about their different expert roles, the financial mechanisms and the products offered. We will also take with us their stories and experiences – about Markets in particular but about life in general too. The conversations and discussions we have had with the professional Markets people here are invaluable.

The most exciting:

Lots of things have excited us during our summer here – so it’s hard to pick! But the morning we spent at the Equity Sales desk was by far the most exciting experience for us. There was a very vibrant atmosphere at the desk where things happened very fast. As mentioned in one of the previous blogs, we even got to shadow one of the traders during a sale.

The most surprising:

What have surprised us the most is probably how social, nice and caring all of the employees on the Markets floor actually are. Many tend to have prejudices about banking, the culture and environment; that people are very strict and harsh – which is so far from the truth. Furthermore, some may think that the people working within trading and alike often aren’t very social. After this internship, all three of us can say that that’s not the case at all.

Every single person we have met here have greeted us with a smile and been more than happy to talk to us and help us when needed. We have also seen their kindness towards each other, and their willingness to help each other out. All of this has been so great to witness.

Finishing off a great summer with ‘an afterwork’ in the sun

After having presented our final case for the Macro team, we all went to the terrace for one last afterwork drink. Several colleagues from the different Markets desks that we have worked at these previous weeks, joined us for some drinks in the afternoon sun. It was a great way to say goodbye – at least for now, if you ask us!

Sadly, this is the last post from us three this summer. However, we want to thank all of you who have been following us on our journey in Nordea Markets. We have had a great, memorable time, and hope that you have enjoyed the reading.

Enjoy the rest of the summer – and to all the Markets people we’ve met, we hope to talk or meet again in the future!

/Anna, Johanna & Gabriella

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