Spring Week #2 – A bit sad, we hope to come back!

Every year a group of students visit Nordea for the Spring Week. Hear how it went in the second blog written by this year's Spring Week students.

Blog #2 written by Ellinor L., Helena, Cimi and Ellinor W.

Day 3 (Wednesday 10/5) – Passion & enthusiasm

After Monday and Tuesday at the FICC division, we had the opportunity to visit Corporate & Investment Banking on the third floor. Wednesday morning, we were greeted (or ambushed!) in the reception by energetic Nordea co-workers in white t-shirts and beautiful stickers with little hearts on. They gave one to each of us, just as they did to the staff, and explained the newly introduced company values. We were welcomed by great and wise words, such as courage, collaboration and the greater good.

Advisory kicked off the day with an exciting and interactive introduction by Harald Ström, Managing Director. Moreover, we learned about Advisory’s role in the M&A process and in IPO’s. We got the opportunity to ask questions, clever as well as curious ones and Harald was keen to answer them. One thing that has been prominent throughout the week is the great passion and enthusiasm of each representative. It is very inspiring to hear about the exciting transactions and feel the lovely ambiance at the office.

This was serious business!

Afterwards we met two Analysts, Sofie Gyllenswärd and George Oussi, who showed us what an ordinary day at the office could look like and what you can expect to work with as a new employed Analyst. We quickly learned that there is no such thing as an “ordinary” day. Their days consist of everything from preparing presentations, participate at client meetings, designing tombstones and modelling (and not to forget, workout in the Nordea gym).

From left: Helena Zhao, Ellinor Lindstén, Cimi Zander, Edward Alpsten, Ellinor Wänerfjord, Lovisa Bernhardsson, Hugo Tedroff


After having lunch with a group of Advisory co-workers, we had a crash course in corporate valuation with David Hävermark, Associate Director, after which an M&A- case study followed. We were divided into two teams and we had to hand in our phones – this was serious business! We had great use of all the valuation techniques that David taught us.

Both teams got to present their solutions and then the winning team was selected. It was very interesting to see that even though we had the same information and assignment, the two teams had different interpretations of the case. It was an excellent learning experience and we received great advice, as well as had an interesting discussion around the solution afterwards. We would like to add that you should not worry about the case competition – the cases were a lot of fun!

Day 4 (Thursday 11/5) – Quite new areas

The following day we visited DCM (Debt Capital Markets) which is also a part of the investment bank. First we got an introduction from analyst Lina Khaled about the different debt instruments commonly used. Afterwards a presentation of the different teams in DCM followed, these were Leveraged Finance, Debt Advisory and Structuring and Syndication, which for some of us were quite new areas. At the end of the day (after loads of coffee, candy and fika) we had the same case as yesterday at Advisory, but this time the focus was on loans, bonds and LBOs.

Day 5 (Friday 12/5) – We don’t want it to be over

Friday started with a presentation by Magnus Wahlström, Senior Sales Manager from FICC, followed by Eva Nelson who presented a digitalisation case which was a bit different compared to the previous cases during the week.

We were actually a bit sad when we finally reached the last day of the week, it all went so quickly and we did not want the week to be over. However, we were also very excited for the upcoming lunch with senior representatives from the different divisions that we had visited during the week. During lunch we had a great chance to ask questions about their work and experiences, as well as listening to some war stories from their early days as bankers. They were very down to earth and happy to answer all the questions we had.

Exceeded expectations – we hope to come back

In this very moment, we are reflecting over the past week. We would like to thank Nordea for this fantastic experience, for all the amazing lunches, the many and refreshing cups of coffee and the networking opportunities. This week has been over our expectations and we sincerely hope to be back at the office in the future. Now we are going to enjoy our last scheduled activity: the afterwork on the rooftop terrace with a view over a sunny Kungsträdgården.

We hope these two blog posts have been informative and rewarding and as a final recommendation we say: Apply for the Nordea Spring Week 2018! You will not regret it.

Best regards

Ellinor Lindstén, Helena Zhao, Cimi Zander and Ellinor Wänerfjord.

NB: The application period for next year’s Nordea Spring Week in Stockholm runs from 1st Feb. – 28th Feb. 2018. For now, you can read more about it here.

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