Spring Week #1 – Fed with knowledge & insight

Yet again, we were spoiled with eight enthusiastic and ambitious students from five different universities (SSE, KTH, Lund, GU and Linköping).

Below you can read part 1 of how the eight students experienced the first few days of the Spring Week 2019. Get to know how they got to rotate between our different units within Markets and Corporate & Investment Banking.

By Lukas Josefsson, Elsa Henriksson, Michaela Jungner and Jesper Carlsson

What a week!

To start with, this week has exceeded our expectations (even though they were quite high to begin with). Not only due to the humble and welcoming people that we have met at Nordea, but also because of all the knowledge that we have received throughout the week.

Nervous and full of expectations, we arrived at Nordea’s Stockholm office on Monday morning, where we were going to spend the week. We started wit a welcome-breakfast together with the Nordea crew in charge of arranging Spring Week. Hereafter, we kicked-off the day at the Debt and Risk Solutions division.

Throughout the day, we were introduced to the different areas within the division. The first day ended with a case. We applied the knowledge gained throughout the day on the case. It was a fun, interactive and challenging case study and a great way to ask questions to the team in a relaxed setting. High on caffeine and sugar, we left the first day feeling exhausted but excited for the rest of the week.

No questions are stupid…

On Tuesday it was time for another division within Nordea’s Corporate & Investment Bank, called Leveraged Finance. When we arrived, many of us had no idea what leveraged finance was all about. However, everyone from Nordea was eager to teach us as much as possible. The atmosphere was just the way it should be, since no questions were stupid enough to ask.

We met people who were both junior and senior. We were all very happily surprised to see their excitement and engagement when we met them. Throughout the day, we had meets with several of our colleagues. Here, we listened to both case studies and personal experiences.

After absorbing all the knowledge we could, it was time for a very exciting case study (called the LBO game). Here the groups’ competitive mindset took-off. Though the case, we got a great overview of how the different divisions within the bank operates and collaborates.

The day ended with (a third or fourth) “fika” session of the day, and we left Nordea fed with both knowledge and food.

We could not have been happier with how the week was set up and all the people we met. Everyone we met was filled with energy and had put a lot of effort into making this week as great and personal as possible. Every day, we were spoiled with great lunches at some of the best restaurants in the city, together with both junior and seniors from the specific divisions we visited during the day.

Regardless of the preconceptions about the banking industry we had before this week, every single one of us left with a much better view on the people, their mindsets, values and the culture at the bank. Every single person we met mirrored the professional yet relatively relaxed spirit we got from the culture at Nordea, and they all pointed out the importance of working as a team.

Stay tuned for Spring Week #2

We could not even stress enough how much we encourage everyone who is eager to learn more about finance and get an actual insight into the investment banks everyday business to apply to Nordea’s Spring Week. It is sad to leave Nordea and all the new friends we have gained, but we return to school with a lot of new knowledge and insight. Hopefully we will be back soon for an internship instead!

Good luck with your application and read Spring Week part 2 where the rest of the group will summarize the remaining days of the week!

/Lukas Josefsson, Elsa Henriksson, Michaela Jungner and Jesper Carlsson

Last year, we followed the students who got the chance to view Nordea from the inside as well. Follow the link below and see how it went.

Spring Week #1 – No time to waste

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