Spring Week #2 – Insigthful and totally amazing

As intern you can spend your summer, fall or spring exploring career prospects. See how 8 bright students experienced their Nordea Spring Week.

Below you can read part 2 of how the eight students experienced the last few days of the Spring Week 2019 in Stockholm. Get to know how they got to rotate between our different units within Markets and Corporate & Investment Banking.

By Emma Lundblad, Julia Malinowski, Sepand Tabari and Isak Muhr

Bombarding the experts with questions

After an interesting Monday and Tuesday at Debt & Risk Solutions and Leveraged Finance, Wednesday morning kicked off at Advisory.

In walked Managing Director, Harald Ström, who introduced us to Advisory and the fascinating part of the corporate finance industry. Harald was very open to questions. To talk with him was a great opportunity to understand how a senior investment banker juggles not just work but also life.

During the next presentation we got to meet two junior bankers who talked about a typical day at Advisory and their daily tasks. There was a clear interest from all of us. Especially because we could see ourselves in their shoes one day. Therefore, the group of interns bombarded the associates with questions.

Hereafter, we went for lunch with more people from the Advisory team, and got the chance to talk more individually with them.

Crash course in valuation

Following another delicious lunch, we got a crash course in valuation along with a few tips and tricks on how to prepare for technical interview questions in the future. The presentation about valuation was a great preparation for the final session of the day, the case competition.

With the knowledge presented we were supposed to solve a case and then present it to the “management team” – consisting of several Advisory co-workers. The case was a valuation of a company that was owned by one business owner. The business owner wanted to retire and move to Bahamas. Therefore, it was necessary to estimate the worth of the company.

Our task was to give the business owner our perspective on the situation. Specifically, we should explain if an IPO, LBO or trade off was the best call to make. The case was later summarised for all of us. Here, we got a lot of feedback on what we did well and how to improve. To conclude, yet another very fun day!

New perspectives on trading

Then it became Thursday, and Markets was on the schedule.

The day started with an introduction to Markets by Philip Erlandsson, Head of Credit Sales, and continued with insights to some of the divisions within Markets, including FX sales, Equity Research and Credit.

An extra special and fun part of the day came after the introductions; the trading floor. We walked around and spoke to traders and sales people and saw how the daily work looked like, in action. It gave us a wider perspective on how big the Market division is, and that there are a lot of people working with various tasks – which we did not know existed.

After the mingling at the trading floor, it was time for a great lunch at a fancy place with people from various areas of the bank, including  FIG (Financial Institutions Group), FX and Equity research. After lunch, we continued meeting different desks on the trading floor and were later challenged with a case built upon the information we learned during the day.

Financial instruments and derivatives such as swaps, options, futures and forwards were new concepts for many of us. After discussing the case we finished the day with a Q&A session and information about different career paths within Markets and internship opportunities.

Most nerve-wracking part of the week …

Friday started in another part of the building, outside Markets and Investment Banking.

We met two analysts from the Group Sustainable Finance team. It gave us an insight in a very different part of the bank focusing on how Nordea works with analysing companies on ESG criteria and how the bank develops towards a more sustainable bank.

It was a great session which gave us knowledge on how different parts of the bank can implement ESG-thinking and that a bank does not have to work in an old-fashioned way.

After Sustainable Finance, the most nerve-wracking part of the week came …! It was time for the senior lunch. Among the seniors were eight managers and directors from all the different divisions we visited during the week. However, the lunch was not as nerve-wracking as it may sound. Instead, it was a very relaxed, interesting and enjoyable lunch for all of us.

Spring Week: Totally amazing, welcoming and insightful

When writing this, we have just finished an Open Banking case, and are reflecting on a totally amazing week filled with great meetings, interesting presentations, case challenges and delicious lunches.

Nordea’s representatives have been very welcoming and treated us in the most generous way. Getting to know the representatives of Nordea and the other students has been one of the best parts of the Spring Week and we strongly recommend students to apply for Spring Week 2020 (application opens in February).

We hope that this blog post and the first written by our intern-colleagues have been insightful and given you an interest in applying for next year’s program. We all advice you to do so.

Now it is time for an after work drink, and a final goodbye to the people we have met during the week. Hopefully we will meet them again!

/Emma Lundblad, Julia Malinowski, Sepand Tabari and Isak Muhr

Spring Week #1 – Fed with knowledge & insight

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