Spring Week – Think fast and try not to die!

Each year Nordea arranges Spring Week, and invites a group of students from universities in Sweden to experience a week at Nordea's HQ.

During the week, the group of first or second years’ students get to learn more about the different areas you can work with in a bank. To make the most out of their visit, the students rotate between Investment Banking, FICC and Equities where they attend and listen to presentations, interact with our co-workers, solve and present cases – and then there’s of course plenty of networking during lunches.

How this year’s Spring Week class spent their days at Nordea Markets, you can read in their first blog below. Here the eight students tell about their experiences, and summarise their thoughts and learnings from the week with us. For our part, we must say it was a pleasure meeting such a great group of ambitious, compassionate and curious students – right up our alley.

Top row from the left: Lovisa Bernhardsson, Cimi Zander, Ellinor Wänerfjord, Carl Mönefors
Bottom row from the left: Ellinor Lindstén, Edward Alpsten, Helena Zhao, Hugo Tedroff

Blog #1 written by Lovisa, Edward, Carl and Hugo

Day 1 (Monday 8/5) – We got a thrilling case

The week started off with a nice breakfast at the Nordea HQ in Stockholm, where we would come to spend the following week. Expectations were high, we were promised inspiring presentations as well as fruity and delicious smoothies.

A soft morning started with self-presentations to get to know each other and a walk through of the schedule as well as an introduction to Nordea. From there, Sofia Håkansson in FICC Risk Advisory & Business Development, walked us through an introduction of FICC (Fixed Income Currencies & Commodities) followed by lunch in the new Nordea canteen. Further presentations regarded Large Cap Solutions & Services.

The afternoon presentations thereafter concerned Risk Advisory and Investment Sales & Distributions. Before the day ended, we got a thrilling case where we got to solve a real estate company’s currency and interest rate problems. It gave us a brief insight of how complicated such issues might be.

Day 2 (Tuesday 9/5) – Ready to face the challenges

After processing all of the impressions from the first day, we were ready to face the challenges on day two. The day was designated for Equities and FICC. During the morning we met Head of Equity Sales Sweden and got an insight within the sales process. Thereafter Johan Trocmé spoke about their new product Nordea on your mind and his area of expertise, Corporate Research.

Afterwards we experienced the most inspirational presentation of the week from Equity Finance, a special shout-out to Öivind Bolstad Bang who was extremely passionate about his job!

After lunch we dived into the world of macroeconomics in general, the daily work-life of a macroeconomist and the trading floor. The afternoon continued with one of the week’s many famous and delicious “fikas”. Without exaggerating we were supplied with coffee and sugar every 15 minutes. The day ended with a group survival case, which unfortunately didn’t go as hoped, leaving us all stranded on a desert island.

Note to next year’s interns; take fast decisions and try not to die. After we ‘died’, we were resurrected in the Q&A session with the graduates Viktoria Olesen and Sanna Sherwany. A mandatory walk-through of the trading floor ended the day. There we learnt that the number of screens you have and the size of the screens determines your status within Markets … or street-cred.

Apart from great presentations and valuable case-solving we’ve been treated with great lunches and a lot of fika. Junior as well as senior employees have followed us during the week giving us a warm welcome to Nordea.

Sky-high expectations

To sum up, the week has given us broad insight to working in finance in general and at Nordea Wholesale Banking in particular. Our expectations were sky-high for the week and still they managed to surprise us in a positive way. We now have a much deeper understanding of how the different divisions work together in symbiosis.

The biggest take away from the week is the depth and range of different work tasks that a bank provides and the opportunities that arises from it. Furthermore, Nordea is clearly a bank that appreciates and is concerned about their people – that is noticeable amongst fellow colleagues. We would be happy to revisit in any form and we hope to see you again soon.

Don’t miss out on the next blog post where the other half of our fellow-students summarise the rest of the week where we visited the Investment Banking department.

Best Regards,

Lovisa Bernhardsson, Edward Alpsten, Carl Mönefors and Hugo Tedroff

After work networking in the Spring sun.