Spring Week #1 – No time to waste

During Spring Week, students get a chance to become familiar with the financial world from the inside. See what this year's students experienced.

What is Nordea Spring Week?

In mid-May the annual Nordea Spring Week took place at Nordea’s HQ in Stockholm. Eight selected students from different universities (SSE, KTH, Hanken, Lund and Chalmers) arrived early Monday morning, eager to get to spend the week rotating within Markets and Corporate & Investment Banking.

Below you’ll get insight as to how the students spent the first two days of their week. This is the first of two blogs, written by the participants themselves.


By Andi, Elin, Sabina and Wilhelm

Monday, day 1 – Spoiled and put to the test

We were greeted in Nordea’s reception and introduced to the team that would take care of us during the upcoming five days. We were all ready and pretty excited to start!

There was no time to waste. After a nice introduction with breakfast, it was time for Debt & Risk Solutions, to kickstart the week. This day circulated around structuring and syndicating debt, mostly on corporate and institutional level. After taking in a lot of new and interesting information, gaining key industry knowledge, lunch was on the schedule. We were spoiled with being taken to a nice restaurant for lunch, and speaking to the team who had given us the presentations.

Being fed and ready, a fast-paced introduction to Fixed income and Corporate solution were on the schedule. We quickly realized how that unit and Markets functioned in symbiosis. The knowledge we had gained was put to test through the first of many case studies during the week, ending with a presentation and follow-up Q&A. The day proved to be intense, but went on longer than initially planned. Everyone was super keen on asking questions and all the great Nordea employees wanted to share their insights and knowledge, which was a lot to take in.

Tuesday – Think outside of the box

We spent the second day of the week at Leveraged Finance which previously was part of the DRS-team we met on Monday. The day started with Per-Oskar Nordlöf, Director, who was just about to introduce himself when Fredrik Gyrulf, head of Leveraged Finance, came in and ‘stole’ the show. They continued with telling us about their work at Leveraged Finance and about the opportunities available.

Before lunch, another case called the LBO-game was introduced. We gained increased understanding of how the different divisions assisted each other in a transaction, and really got to think outside the box. As the game contained a lot of information, it was of outmost importance to focus on the essentials.

Then it was time for lunch where both analysts and associates from the Leveraged Finance – team joined us. This enabled us to ask questions on a more personal level and what we could think about in the application process.

Leveraged Finance was still an unfamiliar concept to all of us, however, to overcome this we were introduced to a real-life case study by Johan Bengtsson, Associate within Leveraged Finance at Nordea, which introduced us to the steps in a LBO-transaction and the parties involved.

The day was concluded with a panel Q&A where we asked all the burning questions that arose throughout the day. Key take-away from the Nordea analyst, Simen Thorsheim:

“It’s all about giving the customers top service – and making deals!”

Stay tuned for Spring Week #2

Coming up is the second blogpost from the students, sharing their experiences and impressions from the last three days of their Spring Week 2018 at Nordea. So stay tuned for part 2.

Meanwhile you can learn a bit more about this year’s selected Spring Week students by clicking on their names below, and explore their LinkedIn profile. It might inspire you to go for a Spring Week spot at next year’s Spring Week – or apply for your next position within Nordea.

A big thanks for writing this article to: Andi, Elin, Sabina and Wilhelm.


Spring Week #2 – Challenging but a VERY rewarding time

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