Charity work at Finnish school was great fun

Working for a greater good feels great - Markets staff in Finland experienced that spending their Saturday educating school kids in finance.

Usually the school is closed on Saturdays; the children enjoy their day off, and likewise for Nordea Markets employees. But this particular Saturday the Jokiniemi School in Vantaa, Finland was full of children, and people from Nordea Markets. The reason for the turnout was an event arranged in a collaboration between Economic Information Office TAT, Jokiniemi School and Nordea Markets with the aim to provide economic skills to youngsters between the age of 7-15 years. And it turned out to be quite an attraction as almost 1000 people participated in the school day including students, teachers, parents and almost 100 Nordea Markets employees.

Quiz in a class room at Jokiniemi School in Vantaa.

The financial experts from Nordea Markets held different workshops with topics like family expenses, saving and ethics. The workshops were designed to give students tools and inspiration for taking care of their own economy regardless of their families’ current economic situation.

“We got great feedback from the school saying that the workshops were seen as an interesting way of teaching economics. The students were actively involved in all workshops and many of them told us that they will start saving from their pocket money from now on,” said Corporate Social Responsibility Expert Pirjo Kuusela from Nordea.

Helping youngsters and elderly people

“Last year we helped elderly people with digital banking in local libraries and it was an amazing experience. We wanted to continue on this path and together we decided that our knowledge could be used in teaching economics at a local school,” told Tuomo Lehtovaara, Country Executive at Nordea Markets Finland.

During the educational event, almost 1000 people circulated from one workshop to another, and everything went smoothly, Pirjo said:

“I believe that we achieved our goal, which was to give food for thought for the kids regarding their own economics and tools to apply it in their everyday life. The teachers told us that they will continue with these subjects during this fall and coming spring” .

Reactions from the day

“I’m going to start saving for my own car!” (student)

“This was the best school day ever!” (student)

“The excitement for the day was noticeable” (parent)

And Markets staff had a great day as well:

“The day was amazing for us Nordea employees but it also seemed to be that for the students. I was teaching third graders, who were seemingly interested in the subject and that’s why it was nice to teach them about the economics. I felt like our input was important for them. When I told my own kids that I spent a day teaching economics to kids, they got so jealous, that I ended up having the same workshop for them at home,” says Olli Kärkkäinen, Nordea Markets Senior Analyst.

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