Student life #1 – Meet Sara, music lover with a flair for creative business processes

What's it like working as a student at Nordea? Sara and Kathrine work in Corporate Marketing - hear their different stories, takeaways and tips.

In this, one of two student blogs, you get insights to student life at Nordea – for starters with Sara Thulesius, and in another blog you can meet Kathrine Ekeløf Jensen. Alongside their studies, they both work in Corporate Marketing – currently remotely from home due to covid19. Hear about their different backgrounds and aspirations, and get a feeling of what it’s like to work with Strategic Marketing in a Nordic bank under “normal” circumstances and during a pandemic lock-down.

Now it’s time to meet Sara who’s Swedish and studies and works in Copenhagen.

Hi, my name is Sara Thulesius, 26 years old. I’m studying a Master’s program in Management of Creative Business Processes at Copenhagen Business School, where I’m currently writing my thesis about entrepreneurship initiatives for change in the fashion industry. Prior to that, I studied my B.Sc. in Business and Economics, majoring in Strategic Management at Lund University School of Economics and Management in Sweden, did an exchange semester in Paris, and graduated in the spring of 2018.

I’ve had several jobs and student committee engagements alongside my university years, from working with start-ups to larger corporations with B2B sales, project management and customer care. I’ve been Head of Sponsorship and Partners in a case competition committee in Lund, Øresund Linking Minds and planned a study trip to Marrakesh last year, together with our Master program’s study trip committee at CBS. In Lund I was also involved in a student organisation called Boelspexarna, where around 150 students get together in different sections, such as the orchestra, costume designers, scriptwriters and actors, to put up a musical twice a year.

How did you ‘end up’ at Nordea?

I joined Nordea back in June 2019, after having moved to Copenhagen and started my Master’s studies. I saw a great and exciting opportunity in getting to work with marketing and events in the largest bank in the Nordics. My Master’s programme handles the balance between nurturing creativity and running a successful business. The focus is on creative business processes in and outside creative industries, which I find very interesting.

At Nordea, I have learned a lot about balancing and considering creativity, innovation and stakeholder management in general, and related to marketing and event management in particular. I’m really happy I ‘ended up’ at Nordea, as I got the opportunity to explore how it’s like working at Nordea’s biggest trading floor, with a group of talented people from different backgrounds in Corporate Marketing and Markets and across Nordea.

What’s it like – what kind of work do you do?

After around 10 months at Nordea, the corona-virus kicked in, and I’ve therefore, as the majority of everyone else in the bank, been working remotely from home. Although remote work is not optimal as a student worker, as it’s often through interaction with your colleagues you acquire new knowledge and stay in the loop of happenings, I believe it’s worked out fairly well. All thanks to our teams’ ability to virtually adapt all communication and working processes to a great extent.

A typical work day for me varies by working with everything from content for this Career blog (you can read my latest blog where I’ve interviewed graduates Sanna and Viktoria) to coordinating and organizing corporate events. The complexities behind planning an event and all the details involved is something I’ve got to experience and it truly is great seeing a well planned event being appreciated by its guests and speakers.

Kathrine and I work closely with such senior and professional people so we really get to learn from the best when it comes to event management and employer branding. My work is very varied, flexible and independent, something I value highly. Depending on your interests it’s possible to decide what you wish to focus more on during your days as a student worker in our team.

Sara and Kathrine students

Sara and Kathrine sharing a laugh in between meetings, by the café at Nordea Metro HQ.

Another great thing about my student job here is that I get to interact with many different departments of the bank as we organise and attend both internal and external events as well as meet with co-workers on different levels to hear about their experiences. Further, I get to work with both newly joined talents such as graduates and fellow students as well as more senior “Nordeans”, which helps me get to know the organisation better.

My time at Nordea has provided me with valuable professional skills that I will bring with me into future challenges. It’s such a great opportunity to have a relevant student job during your studies and I highly recommend any student (also if you don’t study finance) to apply for a position at Nordea.

What do you do in your sparetime?

When I’m not at work or in school, I go to concerts, museums, visit restaurants (preferably the Italian or Japanese kitchen) or explore new ways of working out – I’m desperately trying to master the arts of yoga for example (although I’d rather not elaborate on how that’s getting along!).

That was it from me, for now – but stay tuned, don’t miss the other blog featuring my close co-student, Kathrine, who comes with a different background, other skill sets and aspirations – and is a great student colleague. Good reading ;-).

Psst! Meanwhile, enjoy a good read from a previous student in Markets, Kristian, who’s chair I “inherited”.


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