Student life #2 – Meet Kathrine, passionate traveller keen on strategic marketing

What's student life like? Kathrine and Sara work in Corporate Marketing - meet Kathrine and hear about her experiences, takeaways and tips.

In this blog – one of two – you’ll get insights to student life at Nordea with Kathrine Ekeløf Jensen, who together with Sara Thulesius, featuring in the other student blog, work in Corporate Marketing alongside their studies. Hear about their different backgrounds and aspirations, and get a feeling of what it’s like to work with Strategic Marketing in a Nordic bank under “normal” circumstances and during a pandemic lockdown.

Let’s meet Kathrine who has been working at Nordea for over three years, in various business areas.

Hi, my name is Kathrine Ekeløf Jensen, 24 years old. In 2019, I finished my B.Sc. in International Business which included a study-abroad exchange semester in Hong Kong. I’m currently studying M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration at Copenhagen Business School, majoring in International Marketing and Management.

Besides my studies and job, I volunteer at Danish Red Cross where I on a weekly basis help with community management, including monitoring and maintaining the organisation’s social media accounts with +200,000 followers. I’m also volunteering in a student-driven organisation where I’m responsible for marketing and communication.

What is your Nordea story?

I started working as a student assistant at Nordea in 2017, in the unit Danish Investment Products (within Large Corporates & Institutions) while I was studying for my Bachelor’s degree. I applied for this job because I wanted to gain hands-on working experience in a large financial institution. In this position, I had many varied tasks, such as consolidation, reporting and business development, including streamlining processes of investment operations, preparation of quarterly newsletters, ad hoc projects, optimisation and description of team-wide tasks, business process management.

Throughout my studies, I have been interested in both quantitative and qualitative courses, hereunder finance, strategy and management. I have previously worked at a financial communications and PR firm in London – however, when I started my Master’s degree, I wanted to try out working with marketing as well. I thus applied for my current job in Corporate Marketing at Nordea – and I’m glad I did!

As you can see, working at the trading floor seems like great fun – or did someone just tell a joke? “Have you heard the one about the stock which got stuck…”.

In Corporate Marketing, we work with B2B marketing and take ownership of the full marketing value chain, working closely with the business areas. This includes campaigns, content, digital channels, events, internal and external communication, employer branding, etc. My co-student, Sara, and I are involved in many different aspects of this. For example, we contribute to employer branding activities, such as writing and creating content for this Career blog (check out my recent interview with our graduate from Italy, Matteo Conti) and Nordea Open Insights.  Additionally, we work with marketing automation, social media updates in various channels, webinar and podcast editing and publishing, website updates, analysis of performance in digital channels, and campaign support. We are also involved in event management with tasks such as stakeholder management, preparation of invitations and graphic material, CRM, and hosting B2B events.

Since end of March when the covid19 crisis hit, I have worked remotely and supported the business as much as possible from my living room. It has worked – still is working – surprisingly well, with online team meetings and calls. But I hope to get back to the office soon and see all my colleagues again.

How would you explain the culture at Nordea?

I highly enjoy the fast-paced work environment with various tasks and responsibilities and although I’m a student and thus only work part-time, I feel like – and I’m treated like – a fully included team member, which increases my daily motivation. The inclusive and insightful environment is one of the main reasons that I have stayed at Nordea for quite long as a student – but there are so many opportunities here, and I enjoy and learn on a continuous basis.

I remember that my first impression of Nordea was the highly professional but also informal vibe and interaction – and that surely characterises the spirit of my team. There is a great atmosphere in the office with dedicated colleagues. With the high demands and expectations for the work I do, including a trust in my ability to manage and succeed, I experience a steep learning curve for both my professional and personal development.

Kathrine and Sara heading to an event meeting.

Any learning and tips for potential applicants?

My job at Nordea has helped me elevate myself personally and professionally by giving me a lot of responsibility and different tasks, enabling me to develop my independence and leadership skills. Along with a student job at Nordea also comes inclusiveness and an insightful environment with the possibility of growing and continuously learning from your surroundings. Whether it is from colleagues, from fellow students in the Nordea Student Network or elsewhere, a student job at Nordea allows for many opportunities for you to develop individually, academically, and professionally.

What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy long-distance running, including full/half marathons, and travelling. Throughout my life, I have been very curious and especially about exploring the world and different cultures, primarily through my passion for travelling and my interest in international relations. When I was younger, I attended international summer schools in Switzerland and a conference in the U.S where I explored cultural differences and gained exposure to the challenges of international diplomacy. Hence, I really appreciate the international environment at Nordea.

Our team consists of 22 people with different skills, allocated in Copenhagen, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. My Copenhagen team is (under ‘normal’ circumstances) physically located at the vibrant trading floor, filled with people from various backgrounds, including education, experience, and nationality. On an overall, I believe they share one common feature; they are passionate about their work – and I can relate to that!


Quite a view! We hope you enjoyed the read.

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