Summer Academy – wide-ranging insight on the Markets operation

At Nordea Markets FICC Finland it is important to us that new employees gain wide-ranging insight on the Markets operation and Nordea as a bank during their first few months on the job. That is why the interns in our Future Finance Professional program attend Summer Academy, a series of lectures held by seasoned Markets and bank professionals, who share their knowledge with our future talents.

A few FFP’s were interviewed about their thoughts and experiences:

What expectations did you have for the FFP Summer Academy?

Kati: “My expectations were high, I was eager to learn about what the other desks do on a daily basis. I was also looking forward to get a better understanding of the “bigger picture”, i.e. what Nordea Markets has to offer to its clients and employees.”

Karoliina: “I had high expectations towards FFP Summer Academy and now that I have attended to most of the lectures I do agree that FFP Summer Academy is one of the best things the FFP program has to offer, along with the great opportunity of working with talented individuals from whom I can learn a lot.”

What is the best thing in the FFP Summer Academy?

IMG_4194Kati: The best thing is the lecturers’ expertise and enthusiasm about their own work. I have also been able to develop an overall understanding about all the things that are done here at Nordea Markets. The lectures challenge the FFPs to think outside their own daily tasks, which gives us an opportunity to widen our own expertise.”

Karoliina: “The best thing in FFP Summer Academy is an opportunity to get to know other desks’ daily work tasks and to have a more comprehensive understanding of Markets’ product and service offering. In addition, when attending to lectures it also mitigates the barriers to go and talk to the lecturers on work related matters later on.”

Antti: “You get more information about things that you have learned at school but also you get a better picture of what people do in other Markets units. You can also have a great conversation and share your thoughts with other participants. Summer Academy is also a nice get-together moment with other FFPs!”

Samu: “During the summer you really only get to know one desk, your own, properly, and everything else is a bit blurry. In my opinion it is very important to understand what is going on in the other desks as well. Even though I didn’t have many expectations, I have been positively surprised by it.

How to apply to the FFP program?
The application period for the summer 2016 will take place from October 26th to November 17th. Follow our pages at nordeamarkets.com/FFP and like us on Facebook (content in Finnish) for more information.

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