FFP: Summer is here – some talents use it to get smarter!

20 Finnish talents can look forward to a busy summer with a steep learning curve, summer projects, networking and challenging tasks.

Nordea’s Future Finance Professional (FFP) program runs from May throughout September in Finland. Since day one, the FFPs are an integral part of their teams and expand their network in the Finnish financial sector. We are checking in on how it goes for 3 of the 20 talents right here.

By Arttu, Tommi and Roope.

Really great to contribute from day one

My name is Arttu Saarinen (Age 23).

I have been studying Industrial Engineering and Management at Tampere University for four years now, having an emphasis on technology management, data analysis and finance.

I major in Industrial and Business Economics and minor in Data Technologies and Software Engineering. My aim is to finish my degree within the next two years.

At Nordea, I work at Global Financial and Risk Control (GFRIC aka. the middle office), at a team called Credit Risk Control. My daily routines of course vary a great deal from day to day, but the most descriptive buzzwords affiliated with my responsibilities include development (80%), reporting (20%), SQL, Alteryx, QlikView, Python and Excel.

For the three months I have been working at Nordea, it has been really great in many ways. Firstly, every day there is something new to learn and I feel that I can actually contribute to the team’s outcome.

Secondly, the evening events and other activities organized for FFP’s have been inspiring and fun. I like that we get a chance to network and party with young people with similar career interests during our FFP summer internship.

Expecting learning opportunities and enjouable moments

My name is Roope Halonen (Age 26)

I am currently studying MSc in Economics and Business Administration with major in Finance at Aalto University. Recently, I finished my fifth year and all my courses. I will be writing my master’s thesis on next fall.

I have worked here at Nordea, Capital & Profitability Analytics for a month now. So far, the tasks have been interesting yet suitably challenging.

Most of what we do here focuses on explaining risks. For example, we build tools and dashboards for front-office and group functions. I believe this internship will teach me a lot of about the world of finance and give me a practical tool box, which will be useful also in many other fields of business.

I expected this summer to provide lots of great learning opportunities and enjoyable moments with my colleagues. Altogether there is about 20 FFPs working at Nordea, which I believe is one of the best things about this internship. We regularly have get-togethers and afterwork events, which really brings the group together.

“I am sure the FFPs will make a great summer together!”

My name is Tommi Mäkelä (Age 24)

I am fourth year Industrial Engineering and Management student at the Aalto University. I am majoring in strategy & venturing with a minor in system science.

Also, I have studied many programming courses during my studies because it has always been my interest. My previous work experience is in manufacturing industry where most recently I worked as a shift supervisor.

I am currently working as an assistant controller in Credit Risk Control team in middle office at Nordea Markets. One of our team’s tasks is to report counter parties’ credit risk for different units within Nordea. This reporting is done on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis depending on the requirement. Therefore, usually the busiest time is the beginning of month and quarter in our team. Also, we develop automation for our reporting and controlling processes.

Working as a part of the Credit Risk Control team has been very instructive in such a short of a time. It’s been very rewarding to get to work in the banking industry with programming perspective – both of which are my interests.

I look forward to deepening my knowledge in finance and IT during this summer. And finally, not forgetting to have fun with other Future Finance Professional colleagues. We already had our first FFP afterwork event where we got to know each other and learn about different units within Nordea Markets. I am sure we will have a great summer together!

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