Swedish interns #1 – Forget about the former loyalty

Our Swedish interns are more than halfway through their eight weeks’ summer internship at Nordea Markets in Stockholm. See what they've been up to ...

By Cecilia Skoglund and Viktor

More than halfway through

As more than half of our internship has passed by, we believe a little reflection on the weeks we’ve spent here at the trading floor in Stockholm is in order. Even though time has gone by quickly, we are starting to feel at home (at work) here at FICC. After undertaking projects for four different desks – Investment Sales & Distributions, Corporate FX, Large Cap and Risk Advisory – as well as some minor side-projects for other departments, we have learned a lot. And most importantly, gotten to know many people around the trading floor. All that knowledge and those contacts were put to the test this week.

Colleagues turned competitors

This week, we participated in Nordea’s Nordic FICC Case Competition (which you might have read about in the recent blog post from our fellow interns in Norway). We were paired in teams with the summer interns from Norway, Finland and Denmark to solve a lifelike case. The task was to identify an actual company’s FX and interest rate risks, and advise them on how they should handle those risks. We (Viktor and Cecilia) were divided into different teams, which felt a bit weird at first as we, so far, have done all projects together. However, the competitive spirit quickly made us forget about our former loyalty.

Working with colleagues from the other countries was fun yet a bit of a challenge. Coordinating and dividing work is easier when you can just lean over and talk to the person next to you. Anyone who has ever been in a Skype call knows how harrowing they can be at first. After messing around with different headsets for a while and enduring a few moments of awkward silence, the team work got smoother and more relaxed as we got to know each other.

The winning team will go to Oslo to present their case solution to the FICC Norway management followed by a dinner. That price became increasingly interesting as the week passed by, as we both would like to meet the people we worked with in real life. Until then, may the best team win!

New week, new desk

During our internship, we rotate between desks each week. We have spent this week at Credit Sales, a desk that sells corporate bonds to institutional clients. Our main task during the week is to automate the creation of a sales report that would let the team analyse their sales data and flows during the year without manually putting together reports. The project is fairly loosely specified, in order to let us be creative with what the report should look like. During the week, we will get to know the desk to understand their business model and priorities, in order to create something relevant for them. We will let you know how it goes, as we deep-dive into this week’s project.

Photo: Cecilia and Viktor getting some expertise on currency risk from Philippe Bourghardt (right), Graduate in Corporate FX and Kristoffer Svensson (far left), Sales Manager in Digital Sales, Sweden.

Now, the sun is shining outside our Stockholm office, and we are about to leave for lunch on the terrace with some fellow colleagues from other departments. Hopefully they will agree on sushi …

Stay tuned, as we’ll come back with some of our video blogs, displaying our work life at FICC.

/ Cecilia and Viktor

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