Swedish interns #5 – An appetite for more

Join us as we're saying a final farewell to our Swedish summer interns in their last blog posts from Nordea Markets in Stockholm ...

By Cecilia Skoglund and Viktor Paulsrud

Bittersweet farewell

After eight weeks of ‘blood’, sweat and lots of fun, our summer internship at Nordea Markets has come to an end. Seeing what we earlier knew only as theoretical models being put into practice has definitely increased our motivation for going back to university. However, we will also miss the slightly chaotic environment with the constant buzz from TV-screens and shouted price quotations as well as all the great people we’ve met. It has truly been a great experience spending our summer as interns at Nordea Markets FICC, and has by far exceeded our expectations.

New knowledge, new experiences

The width of the internship has left us with a great spectrum of new knowledge. Presenting a case every Friday has allowed us to continuously work on our presentation skills. As we are both engineering students, it might not come as a surprise that we had a more scientific, stiff approach in our first presentations. During the internship we have worked on finding a balance between inspiring confidence by giving a serious impression, and maintaining the audience’s attention through a more entertaining approach.

The presentations we’ve held here are in general also more dynamic than presentations given in school, with questions being fired and discussions breaking out mid-presentation. It is a bit nerve-wrecking to present our findings to professionals with decades of experience but we’ve learned to enjoy having our conclusions reviewed, questioned and at times confirmed.

Whilst preparing presentations and helping different departments with side-projects, we have got more comfortable using Excel and PowerPoint (align, align and align). We have also prepared dozens of charts and learned how to draw conclusions from different sets of data. If you don’t know what a swap curve or yield curve is, you definitely will after doing this internship.

Helicopter view

As we have rotated between several desks, we’ve seen the trading floor from multiple views. Some clients are looking for a smart hedge whilst others want to outperform the market and get a nice return on their investment. Some people are currency experts, others focus entirely on rates – and a few work with cross-asset solutions, looking at all kinds of assets. Some analysts do very broad, long-term analyses while others have an idea of how markets will move in the next few days.

Working here could mean spending most of the day looking at your three, four, five screens. It could also mean phoning clients around the country or running around town attending client meetings and seminars.

Observing all these different views of the same industry allows for a broader understanding; more of a helicopter view than what we would have gotten if we had spent all summer on one single desk. Though we’ve just scratched the surface of the different business areas, we have got an appetite for more and a better understanding of where we might fit in.

The most valuable take-away

We wrapped up the internship by hosting an “after work”, which gave us an opportunity to thank everyone who has made our summer here on the trading floor a great one. When setting up the event, we invited over 50 people that we’ve gotten to know over the summer. This reflects what might be the most valuable take-away of the internship; all the people we have got to know. The Swedish finance industry is not as big as it may seem, and we are bound to run into and work with many of them in the future.

Thank you Nordea and FICC for a great summer!

/ Cecilia and Viktor

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