Talents wow the Nordea Case Competition jury

Here's how the case competition went in 2016. Hear some thoughts from the participants themselves and learn more about the competition.

The 32 top students in their final Masters’ year at universities and business schools managed to wow the jury with their noteworthy presentations at the first official Nordea Case Competition at Nordea in Copenhagen on the 3rd and 4th of November.

Each group had 15 minutes to present their solution to the jury on how to navigate a disruptive banking environment and a plan on how to select business in such environment. The level of professionalism was remarkably high seeing as the participants had less than 24 hours to solve the case and impress the jury.

We caught some of the participating young talents during the event, and had them share their thoughts and experiences of the Nordea Case Competition.

Simon Hempel Jønsson, 25 – MSc in Finance and Accounting (FIR) at Copenhagen Business School (CBS):
“Nordea Case Competition is one of the best case competitions I have participated in. You had time to go in depth with some of Nordea’s largest challenges and were able to present thorough recommendations of how to navigate these challenges within the set time limit. Participating in Nordea Case Competition has allowed me to expand my professional network and to practice my presentational skills with Senior Nordea professionals.”


Jakob Brix, Thea Stensaker and Arun Bahadur Pradhan were all part
of the winning group at Nordea Case Competition.

Jakob Brix, 25 – MSc in Mathematics Economics at University of Copenhagen:
“I participated in Nordea Case Competition firstly to try and see what it is like to participate in a case competition, and secondly to meet people inside Nordea and to learn more about Nordea’s culture. In the end, I managed to expand my network and gained experience working closely with people with different academic backgrounds.”

Thea Stensaker, 23 – MSc in Finance and Accounting (FIR) at Copenhagen Business School (CBS):
“By participating in Nordea Case Competition, I learned a lot about the various challenges banks are facing today. Furthermore, I have learned more about team working, and how to build on each other’s strengths, as well as the importance of motivation – which was definitely what was driving the participants after having been up for 24 hours and still missing a bit of work.”

Arun Bahadur Pradhan, 25 – MSc in Law at Aarhus University:
“I attended Nordea Case Competition to challenge myself, and to try and use what I have learned during my studies and research in regards to my Master thesis concerning Anti Money Laundering. I was surprised to be the only participant with a legal background but at the same time, I also saw the necessity of it during the competition. I learned a lot from my co-participants by hearing and using their methods and techniques when solving a problem but also applied my legal methods as well.”

With a combination of profiles with different backgrounds and experiences, the participants managed to create the best possible solution. And judging by the feedback from the participants, it’s fair to say that Nordea Case Competition was a great success.

If you want to see more from Nordea Case Competition,
here is a short video from the event.  

Apply for the case competition 2018!

Nordea Case Competition 2018 will be held 6-7 November in Copenhagen. The application period is open from 10 September until 28 September.

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