The buzzing FFP life at Nordea – with a Hawaii twist

Is it only hard work to kick-start and develop your career at Nordea Markets? Or is it also about good fun, new friends and networking?

FFP event with hawaii theme

The scene was set for the traditional event.

When you join one of our career programmes, you experience all aspects of the buzzing life inside Nordea Markets. You will meet and work with some of the best people in the industry and be assigned various applicable projects and tasks, which on a daily basis brings every opportunity for you to grow and shape your future career. But is it all just hard work, or do you get to have fun, bond and network with colleagues as well?

YES! And to showcase one of many examples of how this could take place, we tune in to one of the several Talent programmes in Markets, namely the Finnish programme called “Future Finance Professionals” (FFP), and on a specific and traditional summer event.

First, at little bit about some of the dedicated people who, among others, facilitate and run social events among the FFP talents (of which we employ 15-20 for five months every year). Meet our so-called Fun Managers, who also typically have attended and kick-started their careers through the FFP programme.

What is a Fun Manager? And what value do you add?

We have asked two of the current five Fun Managers about their role and responsibility to give you an idea of the setup. Also, we asked them about their thoughts on the value added for the FFPs and for Nordea Markets as a whole. Let’s hear what they think.

Previous FFP, Henry MattssonHenry Mattsson (age 26), Assistant Analyst, Modelling & Solutions

How do you perceive your role as Fun Manager?

A Fun Manager is a tutor for the new class of summer interns at Nordea Markets. 3-6 Fun Managers are then responsible for tutoring the new FFPs and organising four events during the summer. This year, for our first event, we rented a sauna in the city centre and hosted a theme party there. The second event was an “Amazing Race” where we had check points all around Helsinki and for the third event, “The Love Boat”, we rented a boat decorated in a Hawaii theme and had good fun with a barbecue, sauna and stuff.

What value does it add?

The FFP-programme is quite unique in Finland as we hire around 20–25 interns to Nordea Markets. This means that you have over twenty people who are in the same position as you when you start your programme. The events we organise help the interns get to know each other and after the summer they have usually formed a tight-knit group of friends. Having friends at pretty much every desk in Nordea Markets makes it easier for the trainees to get to know everyone here and it also makes them more committed to Nordea. Each year many of the FFPs continue working with us.

Why did you take on the responsibility and what has it given you so far?

It is an honour to be offered the opportunity to be a Fun Manager. After my summer as an FFP I knew that I wanted to be a Fun Manager this year. Luckily, Saija (who is the main responsible person for this year’s Fun Managers) chose me and I think that we have an amazing group of Fun Managers for this summer. So far, I have gained 22 new friends and had the opportunity to organize unique events for them. I am looking forward to the last event and hope to see many of this year’s FFPs continue their career at Nordea after the programme.

Previous FFP, Saija SavolainenSaija Savolainen (age 25), Analyst, FX Sales & Distribution

What is a Fun Manager?

A Fun Manager, as the name states, is responsible for managing fun activities and events for FFPs. Usually, Fun Managers are last year’s FFPs, now working as full-time employees and acting as mentors for the new FFPs and making sure that everybody finds their place and settles in at Nordea Markets.

What value does it add?

Fun Managers ensure FFPs get opportunities to build relations and become a tight group with a good team spirit from day one. All Nordea values come together in the role of a Fun Manager as they encourage the FFPs to be passionate about what they do, take ownership when it’s needed and collaborate with each other. In this way, the FFP program stands out positively from other trainee programs.

Why did you take on the Fun Manager role and responsibility – what does it bring you?

I was extremely happy when I was asked to take the role of a Fun Manager this year as I wanted to continue the great tradition. I recognised the value of having Fun Managers already when I was an FFP – the engaging Nordea Market spirit needs to be carried on. Being a Fun Manager has enabled me to network with a lot of great people and become friends with them. I have also learned to plan and organise bigger events, which is something I haven’t done before and something that is beneficial for me in the future.

So, let’s hear about the most recent event, “The Love Boat” with Hawaii theme.

Hawaii meets Helsinki with hula-hula, sauna and sunny sky

The Finnish summer might be short with few sunshiny days, but this year it has been enjoyably warm. And as such, it was hard not to make the latest FFP event a success – and it turned out just the way it should.

FFP event with hawaii theme and all FFPs

The location was stunning: A boat in the harbour of Helsinki covered in Hawaii theme, called “White Sand Boat”. All kinds of colours, palm trees, and drinks were there to ensure that this year’s FFPs got a well-desired break from the office. The Fun Managers handed out Hawaiian flower leis to everyone, and hereafter it was just a matter of enjoying each other’s company.

All FFPs and Fun Managers networked across desks and had the pleasure to do so while sitting in a sauna, jacuzzi or at the rooftop of the boat.

Here’s a few quotes from three of this year’s FFPs on their thoughts about the Hawaii themed party:

Quotes from FFPs 2019


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