Impressions from the Graduate Assesment Day in Copenhagen

The annual Graduate Assessment Day was held at Nordea Markets in Copenhagen. We spoke to Andreas, an internal applicant, about the event.

Last thursday, the annual Graduate Assessment Day for all of the neatly selected applicants for the Nordea Graduate Programme selection process was held here at Nordea Markets in Copenhagen. The applicants were taken through a tight program with both individual proficiency tests, group based case works and different interviews with both managers and HR people.

After the day came to an end, we spoke to Andreas Svane Sparvath – an internal applicant already working within another part of the bank. Here are his immediate impressions.

Please shortly describe the contents of the program today…

I arrived early at the reception hall full of expectation and excitement. As the clock approached 8am, more and more applicants walked through the door. People had dressed for the occasion and of course so had I. Eventually our group counted 30 people and I guess it became clear to everybody that the competition for the vacant positions would be sky high.

We started out with some light breakfast and after a short introduction we were split into groups. From then on the schedule was tightly and ambitiously planned out. We started out with personal interviews with HR and leaders/representatives from relevant positions in the bank. Shortly after we were assigned a professional business case to be solved in a team and presented for the same group of HR and leaders who had attended our interviews. Finally we were given a fun and challenging task which required a great deal of teamwork and “out-of-the-box thinking”.

How did you experience the day as a whole?

My overall impression of the day is surely positive. It was a great and challenging experience. The different tasks that we were presented for during the day were demanding and definitely put our skills and abilities to work. The pace was high but everything went smooth and it was obvious that Nordea had invested a lot of resources in the planning and execution of the day.

Furthermore I like how the different tasks encouraged teamwork rather than competition. Despite the fact that we were/are all competing for the same positions, the atmosphere was great and I believe everybody had a fair chance of showing their worth and ambition.

What is your immediate impression of the Nordea Graduate program after attending the assessment day?

Before I attended the assessment day my impression of the Nordea Graduate program was already good. Attending the assessment day only raised my expectations and my impression even more. I find the Graduate program and especially Nordea Markets very attractive. The number of skillful applicants at the assessment day clearly indicates that I am not the only one who thinks that.

What is your impression of Nordea Markets as an employer?

I am confident that Nordea Markets is a really great, but also very demanding, employer. I think attending the day was a good opportunity to talk to current employees from Nordea Markets – former graduates as well as leaders – and it was extremely inspiring to feel how passionate they all are with their respective positions in Nordea Markets. Attending the day definitely raised my impression of the Graduate program as well as Nordea Markets to an even higher level.

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